34. Unexpected

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                I smiled at my boyfriend, catching that he still looked distracted and his eyes were glued on his phone. Still, he was acting like this – acting like he was sharing some big secret with the rest of the boys and even Jamie that he refused to tell me. Even though this annoyed me, I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination blowing things out of proportion or if I should just ignore it and it’ll go away. I chose the latter easily, nervous of problems rising between us.

                Still, though, I couldn’t get that woman’s voice out of my head. What was perfect? Ugh – why couldn’t I just turn into my old stubborn and outgoing self and just confront my boyfriend about the phone call? Taking a deep breath, I stood up from the couch – which Zayn didn’t notice because his eyes were still on his phone – and shuffled into the kitchen. Jamie was sitting at the counter with Niall as I approached, and I walked over to face them.

                “Niall James Horan, tell me right now – is Zayn cheating on me?” I finally blurted in a whispered tone, heart clenching at the thought although I doubted it was a possibility. “Please, be honest.”

                Niall laughed. “No, I think he’d kill himself before cheating on you. Why?”

                Again, word vomit arose. “Because you guys are all doing something behind my back and won’t tell me what it is.”

                Niall shared a look with Jamie that confirmed they were indeed doing something behind my back. The option of being cheated on was immediately erased, though – Zayn loved me, I know he did, but I was just trying to look out for myself by asking. Taking a deep breath, I walked out of the room, running into Zayn in the doorway.

                He grinned down at me, saying, “Hey babe, I didn’t even notice you left the room. Went to go check on Niall and Jamie? Make sure they weren’t doing anything inappropriate?”

                I smiled, forcing a laugh. “Yeah, you know me… The momma direction when Liam isn’t around.”

                “Do you want to come over and we can watch some films?”

                “Sure, sounds fun.”

                “How about you sleep over too?”

                “You’re just full of ideas,” I teased. “I’ll go get a bag together.”

                Zayn pecked my lips and shot me his perfect smile that made me forget about the whole secret thing going on between him and the other guys. After I gathered an overnight bag to stay at Zayn’s, I went back to the family room and saw him talking to Niall in hushed tones. My annoyance flared as well as my curiosity, but I just bit my lip hard to prevent me from commenting on it.

                When they noticed me, the talking abruptly stopped and Zayn flashed me that perfect smile again, reaching out for my bag. “Hey love, are you ready?”

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