Sassing the captor...| Phildosia (a bit of Pheacker, not the main ship)

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Requested by my love! The captor... thing with the fs that flew out the door...

I woke up to my girlfriend yelling. This should be fun. I pushed myself to my knees, and saw my sister in the corner. "Morning, Princess! We got kidnapped." She hissed, curling up. "pHILIP!" Theo screamed, literally picking me up and kissing my cheek. "Theo... what happened..?" I asked. She seems to always get us into situations. This has to be, by far, the worst.

"Some guy kidnapped us! They took your parents too! He looks like David, but he's not! He-!" Theo explained. She stopped when someone opened the door, dropping me. I fell with a thud, slowly getting back up. A man walked in, glaring down at us. "You!" Theo screamed storming towards him. I grabbed her arm and planted my heels in the ground to keep her away.

"I could easily kill you." The man grunted. "Yeah?! Well, let's see how many cares I give! One... two... three... oops! They just flew out the door!" Theo hissed. I stared at her with wide eyes. "D... did you just sass our captor?!" I screamed, motioning to the man. I heard Frances sigh in defeat. "We're gonna die in here!" She screamed. The man took my hand and kissed it. Theo smacked his hand away and glared.

"He's my boyfriend." Theo told the man. The man grunted and shrugged. "Have fun, princess~" he purred to me. I gave him an unimpressed face as he closed the door. "That's... ew..." I mumbled. Theo threw her arms around me. I kissed her cheek and felt her bury her head into my shoulder. "So... Frances..? Where is Ma and Pa?" I asked. Frances looked up from her knees. "Your Dad and our Mom. They're locked up somewhere..." Frances hissed. We're half-siblings: her dad is Francis Kinloch, he abused our Ma. Frances still considers him as her dad, though.

I rolled my eyes. "Thanks so much, I really thought that they were chilling at home with a different captor." I hissed. I wonder where they actually are...

"Alex..?" I whispered out, biting my lip as I stood against the wall. I felt something grab my waist. "A-Alex! Help!" I wailed, earning a 'hush' from the man. "Peaches it's me... don't worry..." the man whispered. I felt him slide his thumb over my lip, making me stop biting. He untied my wrists and wrapped his arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and sobbed into his shoulder.

"Princess, you have a blindfold on... did anyone touch you..?" Alex asked me thanking the blindfold off. I shook my head and sighed. "I've been screaming for an hour..." I told him. "The man just let me in here... he threatened you, so I didn't fight him... I would've, you know I would've!" Alex told me. I smiled and nodded. "I know you would..." I whispered, feeling Alex kiss my jaw before sitting us down against the wall. "We won't rot in here... we'll get out... and we'll find the kids... I promise..." Alex told me. I nodded and rested my head on his chest. "I believe in you..." I whispered.

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