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Tricks of Time

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When you see a chapter of a book titled this, you imagine a time travel story. There is more to time than traveling through it, however. Regardless, this is not my time, it's the time for Tahl.

odd name, isn't it? they were wondering about this, as they were reading their book. they found it in the library, looking old, abandoned, forgotten. they had started reading immediately, it had the exact information they would need for their plan.

Tahl's parents were awful, dreadful parents. They mostly neglected Tahl, as  his mom was a drug addict, and their father had been abused himself as a child, growing up thinking it was the way it should be. That's enough for a story to be disturbing, but it gets worse.

Tahl dreadfully hated their parents. They wanted to, not only LEAVE them, but annihilate them. They believed such humans shouldn't exist upon the face of the earth. Not only them in particular, mind you, also every tyrant, slave-owner, and don't forget rapist. Tahl wanted them all dead.

Tahl knew they couldn't do this alone, as they knew they couldn't advertise for help. There was their plan, however, resting in the back of tahl's head. They knew it was unlikely to work, however, they were desperate.

Tahl planned to summon their help straight from that book.

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