Chapter 5: Our first date pt 2

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Katie's P.O.V

Me and Danny were coming to the end of our oyster's, Danny thought it would be funny if he splashed me with some juice, out of one of the oyster's. ''Oi!'' I screeched, covering my eyes with my hands. He began to laugh and as I removed my hands he did it again. Danny continued to chuckle to himself, while I kept my hands firmly on my face, I kept them there for a good 10 seconds. I may of looked like I was playing hide and seek or something but I didn't trust him. I grew wary, as I couldn't hear a peep out of Danny anymore. Then all of a sudden I felt a swift breeze coming towards me, then two warm, large hands placed themselves on mine. They began to peel my hands away from my eyes, to reveal a calm looking Danny. I blushed, as he took my hands in his and rested them on the table. When he started stroking my hand gently with his thumb, I felt an over whelming feeling take over me, the hot blood rushed through my body and ended at my lips. Just kiss me, I thought to myself.

''Dya mind if I sit a bit closer to ya sweets?'' asked Danny ''Oh no not at all'' I said. Danny moved his chair close enough, so that our arms were nearly touching, I smiled at him and took his hand, whilst leaning on him slightly. With the other hand he began to stroke the top of my naked left arm. His touch was nearly enough to send me over board. I just wanted him to wrap his arms around me and keep me nice and toasty.

I ordered us a dessert to share, a few minutes later, I really wanted to feed him and vice versa. As soon as the chocolate brownie sundae arrived, he grabbed one of the spoons and dug it into the ice cream he got a big spoonful of it and shoved it in his mouth. The way his lips grasped onto the spoon, as his saliva started to show slightly on his bottom lip, was like torture to me. I wanted those cold lips on me and that long tongue of his down my throat. But I had to stay calm so I thought I'd do a little flirting of my own by taking a steady and seductive mouthful of one of the melting chocolate brownies. Oooow you like that don't you Mr O'Donoghue. I was almost certain that I'd get a sexy response back but instead all I got was Danny giggling like a school girl, with his hand over his mouth. ''What?'' I said, nudging the right arm, of a continuing laughing Danny. ''You've got a little something around your mouth love'' he replied. Nervously whipping out my phone I saw my reflection showing, a dark chocolate sauce around my lips. Oh this is just so embarrassing right now. I speedily wiped the chocolate away from my mouth, then looked again at Danny to see him holding out a spoonful of ice cream to me. ''Why don't I feed you instead ay?'' he said wiping away the remains of the chocolate sauce, on the corner of my mouth with his thumb. ''Alright then, if you insist'', I teased.

He began to feed me and with each spoonful, I took, his face got closer and closer to mine after my fourth mouthful, I could now feel his warmish breath on my face, it smelt chocolaty with a hint of Guinness. I took a deep breath in and closed my eyes, for a brief moment but when I exhaled, my lips suddenly collided with a firm mouth, his lips we're so soft. I began kissing him back after a few moments it turned into a snog, I began to feel a hand slide down my left arm and stop at my waist. I placed the palm of my hand gently on his cheek and rested the other on his shoulder. Before I knew it his tongue was teasing my bottom lip, begging for entrance. As soon as I did, I let myself go completely. Practically collapsing myself into the kiss, it got firmer, we were now in sync, as we moved are lips against each others perfectly and I needed to come up for breath soon but I really didn't want it to stop. In fact my whole body was telling me to take it further but I wouldn't do that, not on the first date anyway. My thoughts were rudely interrupted by Danny pulling away slowly, I quickly grabbed his lips back and continued to kiss him.

When we were finally done snogging each others faces off, the bill arrived and I offered to go Dutch with him but he insisted on paying for us both. He held the door of the restaurant for me, as I strolled out. We walked arm in arm a few yards from the curry house, when all of a sudden Danny came to a holt near a street. ''Well this has been a pretty good night, Don't you think?'' said Danny, with his hands in his jean pockets ''Definitely, we have so gotta do this again and maybe you can control yourself, from leaping on me next time'' I flirted, pushing a piece of my hair back. ''Oh, me was it? I don't remember being the one grabbing my face for more tongue time'' he uttered grinning ''You know Dan, I really like you...a lot'' I said, looking down at the ground, getting quieter. ''Well I like you ALOT too, here's to our first date ay?'' and with that Danny gave me one of the most heartfelt kisses I could possibly get.

I reluctantly pulled away and started to look at the route to my hotel ''Well I'm a couple of yards up there so I'll be on my way now, cya soon I hope'' I murmured to Danny. I heard no reply from him, which I found quite odd but I continued to walk away. Seconds later I heard the thud of heavy footsteps coming from behind me, followed by a hand swinging me around to face the culprit, Danny, I should of known. ''WOAH!'' I shrieked, as he lifted me up and swung me around. ''DANNY...'' I laughed loudly wrapping my legs around his thin waist. He continued to spin me around, speeding up now. We both howled uncontrollably. ''My dress, MY DRESS, STOP DANNY, NOW, STOP! People are gonna see my bum'' I yelled, pulling my dress down. Danny stopped spinning me around but carried on holding me tightly. ''Put me down now please'' I asked politely, Danny looked at me like a naughty school boy, who's just been asked to do something they really didn't want to do. He reluctantly put me down. ''Well can I at least give you a ride home?'' he asked ''I didn't know you had a car Dan?'' ''I don't, I was offering you a piggy back ride'' he explained ''Are you serious?...alright then, to hell with it'' I said, followed by me walking behind Danny to jump up on his back. He held his hands out behind him, to catch my legs. When I was up on his back, I wrapped my arms around his neck and he held on tight to my legs, making sure I was secure. Then he sprinted in the direction of my hotel, he slowed down towards the end but surprisingly he made the whole journey, with me on his back.

Once we were outside the hotel, Danny put me down gently, taking a bit of a breather. I think he was pretty exhausted to be honest. But he'd never admit it out loud.

Danny's P.O.V

Definitely should of paced yourself Dan, now you can't bloody breath and you look like a wheezing old man, I thought to myself, as I placed both hands on my hips, looking up, to try and get my breath back. ''Are you ok?'' asked Katie putting her hand on my arm. ''Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Its just that the airs a bit thin, that's all'' I panted, stretching my back and standing up straight. ''Right well I'm gonna go in now. Dya wanna meet up tomorrow, for a tea or something. I'm actually off all day till 6:00pm'' she said eagerly ''Yes, that's cool with me'' I answered. ''Good I'll text you in the morning, yeah?'' ''Yeah ok'' I said back. Then she trotted off into the hotel, which actually gave me the opportunity to look at and remember how amazing her bum was., thank-you god for putting women on this planet, my thoughts were interrupted by my phone ringing. I answered the phone to hear the voice of a saucy angel ''I can see you hanging around the door outside, haven't you got a home to go to?'' she asked. I turned around to see a mischievous looking Katie peering through one of the windows, at the front of the hotel.  ''Yes I have actually, I was just about to leave'' ''Good, I wouldn't want no peeping Tom trying to watch me change, through the window curtain, would I now?'' she said ''Oh I don't need to watch you undress yourself out here, I could come in your room and do it there instead'' I replied with a grin on my face ''I think you'll find I have to be wooed before you can get into these knickers'' ''I still could'' ''No you couldn...'' it cut off, must of been a bad signal or something. My phone rang again, I didn't even look at the caller ID before announcing loudly into the phone...''Ay, if I wanted to I could have you right now, on that hotel bed missy'' ''What d'fuck Dan?'' answered, the confused but familiar man's voice on the other end of the phone ''Uh, hi Mark. How's it going?'' I replied, embarrassed ''You know what, I don't even wanna know. I'm fine thanks for asking but I have this great idea for a new song so bring your butt on down to the studio. I've already called Glen'' commanded Mark ''Yeah ok I'm on my way there now'' I replied, shaking off the previous, awkward event and with that I was off.

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