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There were only six of us and we were taking 'armed to the teeth' to a whole other level.

I had a machine gun slung over one shoulder, three different hand guns positioned across my body, two knives tucked away, and a few extra magazines tucked away into one of the large pockets of my cargo pants. Rebel was dressed similarly, but his machine gun was in hand, and he had a grenade launcher across his back.

Gunner had tried to insist at least four different times that the grenade launcher would not actually be used, should not actually be used, but that wasn't going to stop Rebel from toting it along anyway.

He had super strength. It isn't like the extra weight was effecting him.

Snag only had two handguns, but what she lacked in guns she made up for in knives and specialized electric weapons that Gunner had made for her way back when in LASAR.

We'd made a sort of pitstop at our former headquarters before we headed for the coordinates Desmond had given us. The coordinates to what had functioned as the Kinetic's headquarters. Desmond had speculated that the headquarters were probably deserted by now, given the events that had unfolded in London, and the fact that each individual who had functioned as a leader was now dead.

Imitate had stopped Desmond just short of him mumbling about a lot of people being dead, actually. I had to give it to him, kid was getting something more of a backbone. Given everything that was being put into motion, that definitely wasn't a bad thing.

The six of us who were attending to the Kinetic's headquarters included Rebel and I, Gunner and Snag, and Catatonic and Low. We'd gone in three different directions upon entering the building, each with clear instructions. Cat and Low were to find any technology, transfer whatever information was on it to a flash drive, and then bust it up. We weren't taking any chances on any of their computers surviving when we did set the rest of the place ablaze.

Gunner and Snag were doing the same thing as Rebel and I, just in a different half of the building. Checking to see if any stray individuals were left in the building, disposing of them, and clearing the whole building that way before we utilized Outlaw's last little gift to our rag-tag group.

It was a painstaking process, but it was important. It took us around four hours to ensure we'd fully cleared the building, and by the time the six of us met up at the appropriate area, Catatonic was a ball of un-contained, underutilized energy, while Low was hanging upside down from a ladder and blowing frequent bubbles with her gum.

"Flashdrive?" Rebel asked as we approached the duo.

Low pulled it out of one of the numerous pockets on her vest, held it up before her, then tossed it to him. Rebel snatched it out of the air and pocketed it without a problem.

"Didn't get a whole lot that was interesting," Catatonic drawled. He was rocking back and forth on his feet, and I had to double-check that his finger was not on the trigger of his semi-automatic shotgun. "A lot of security footage. A few plans that were to be carried out after their operation in London." He shrugged, though his sea-green eyes were alight with impatience. "Gotta say, this definitely isn't my favorite op."

"You'll survive," Low muttered, rolling her eyes.

Gunner and Snag appeared next with a gust of wind. Snag tossed her purple locks out of her face, a cheeky grin forming on her lips as she leaned her elbow against Gunner. "All done!" she chirped. "That was fun! There were only, like, four people on our half of the building, but still!"

"More than we had," I said.

"How many did you guys have?" Gunner asked.

Rebel held up three fingers before pointing toward Catatonic. "You got that specialized bomb Outlaw made?" he arched a brow.

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