Red and the Gang

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Leo's prov

We were heading towards the subway because a gang was hold some people hostage and makeing threats. It took about 6 min to get their by the sewers, but with we got there were police and detectives all over the place. We stayed hidden obsverving and trying to see how did they manage to get them. Donnie used this machine to see what they were saying. No one knew what happend, they all said " I dont know everythingwent so fast" It didnt seem they had any information so we were heading back untill this man came running in screaming!!! "ITS THEM! ITS THEM! THERE BACK! THERE BACK!"

"Who is back?" Said Mikey just playing around

"How are you suppose to know num nut!" Said Raph and smacked Mikey in the head

"Thats enough you two" I said


"*gigles* phtt! Jee did someone hit that man in the head... phtt!" Mikey laughed

"Poor man hes crazy, lets go..." said Donnie packing his machine


"What the fuck.. do you think hes telling the truth leo" Raph asked

They all stared at me for an answer... I kept looking at the man trying to escape the police

"Lets go look for Red and the Gang, lest see what they got!" I said heroicle

"I'll go if Mikey shuts up!" Said Raph angered up

"I will if you shut up Raphie wabby"

"Thats it your dead NUM NUT!!!" Raph yelled

"Stop are you guys coming or not" said Don

"Yeah guys thats enough" I said

We were about to leave when donnjes phone started to ring... it was April


April- Hey guys

Tmnt- hey April whats up

April- Nothing what are you guys doing

Tmnt- Oh you know leo wants us to listen to this crazy man talking about Red and the Gang and that they are heading east trying to find u... GIMMIE THAT... hey stop! Your going to break it!...ahhh... stop it!

April- uh... hello?

Tmnt- April?

April- Leo what happend?

Tmnt- oh nothing you know donnie didnt want to hand over the phone

April- ha ha so.. can i go with you guys

Tmnt- no plus were already on on our way

April- well I am in the east part of New York

Tmnt- well have you seen anything running on the roof tops?

April- no...but I'll go check

Tmnt- No! April its too dangerous!

April- I have saved you guys from shredder I can handle it

Tmnt-April! We dont know what were dealing with!

April- im on the roofs

Tmnt- holy shit! Were on our way!

April-wait I see someone a few roof top away

Tmnt-April stay put

April- its a person and its eyes are glowing... orange

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