Chapter 2

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*Warning!!! Kinks, and other 18+ things are mentioned. If offended easily don't read**
Taehyung POV
I can't stop moaning, the vibrator being too big. "Mmph~" I stutter as I pull it out, unable to take anymore. Jimnie creates bizzare desires. The more I think about him, the Hornier I get. I roll the vibrator around my shaft, deep, husky groans escaping my mouth. I begin using my hands, the vibrator inside me. My moans get louder and louder as I come to climax and I don't even notice that the members are home. A loud whine comes out, my voice cracking multiple times.

Jimin POV

"Ohhh, Fuck" Taehyung moans. Me, Hoseok and Jin listen outside his bedroom.
"Is that a.. vibrator?" Jungkookie says from down the hallway. Thin walls are a blessing. "Sshhh" Jin Shushes the Maknae. We all listen some more, all of us rock hard. "Is he done?" Hoseok asks, curious. I knock on the door to find out. "Taehyungie? Can we come in?" I ask quietly. I hear some shifting, moments later the door opens. Taehyung stands in sweats, himself also actually sweating. He seemed out of breath. When we walk past him I start grinning like a fool. The rest of Bangtan all chill on the sofas in Taehyungs room, he puts on a tv show that we all enjoy. Jin is the first one to say something. "Jimin, what did you think of Taehyungs whines?" Jin has a small but devilish smile on his face. Taehyungs heart skipped a beat.
"Jin Hyung! H-how-"
"You are VERY loud Taehyung." Hoseok starts cracking up. His eyes get bigger. He doesn't seem to care at the slightest. If he did, he didn't show it. In fact, he almost looked proud. He resumes to watching his show. I sigh, wanting a reaction from him.
"It turned me on." I say quietly but loud enough for everyone to hear. Jungkook and Tae's head spins towards me, Kookies tongue rolling in his inner cheek, jealousy on his face. "Really?" Taehyung grins. I nod.
"That's nothing compared to what I think of you Taehyung Hyung," Jungkook stares so lustfully at him I think he came in his pants, I had to check to make sure. He bites his lip, when he meets my gaze he looks away. I'm left confused, Maknae love triangle will forever upset and confuse me.

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