Chapter 1

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Day 1. It was hard to believe that it had only been a year since Aqua Lander had won the world championship for the junior lake course swim. It was even harder to believe that it had only been a month since the Carmex had taking over the United States of America (if that was still its name). The Carmex was a communist group that hated children so much they decided to take over the world to get rid of the children. So far the only country they had took over was the U.S. Aqua had always loved swimming, even after the accident. The accident had happened last year in between the state competition and the country competition. Aqua and her dad were driving to the store to buy Aqua a new swim suit for the competition, when her dad ran head on into another car. Aqua's dad died on impact and Aqua was in the hospital for a month. The doctor said she would never walk again, but that didn't stop her. She would dive right out of her wheelchair into the water. But none of that mattered right now. Aqua was swimming for her freedom and her life. Since she could not run away from the guards that came to take her to the holding home, she was going to swim away. The second she was out of view of the bank with the small raft holding her crutches, her wheelchair, water, and food was the last time she saw her mother. She was going to swim over the border in Lake Erie into Canada, into freedom. She swam till night was starting to fall, then she went to shore. There was a sandy bar where Aqua pulled the raft up onto. Then she pulled herself out of the water and went to sleep.

Day 2. Soon the orange sun was coming over the horizon. Aqua pushed the raft into the water, then slipped in herself. After about two miles of swimming, Aqua had to take a break. She hung off of the side of the raft till she caught her breath, then she continued. She did this after every two miles. Before she knew it night was falling again. The shore here was rocky, but Aqua could still sleep there.

Day 3. When she woke up the sun was already above the horizon, but it was still morning. Aqua wasted no time getting out on the lake. When the sun was at its highest she stopped and held onto the raft while she ate an apple for lunch. Soon she continued on her way. Today though she stopped before the sun was below the horizon. Aqua was very tired today. The shore she stopped at was sandy like the shore on her first day, but there were trees clear up on the water's edge. Aqua tied the raft to one of these trees. Then she pulled herself around to the dry side of the tree. She didn't go to sleep till night had fallen because she had a strange feeling about this place.

Day 4. Aqua was awaken by a noise from nearby, but when she looked she didn't see anything. The sun was already at its highest point, which meant it was already noon. She climbed around to the water side of the tree and that is when she saw it. It was a Carmex patrol boat patrolling for stray children, and it was heading straight for her raft! If she hadn't sleep around the back of the tree, the patrol would have already seen her. Aqua heard the man in the patrol boat ask if there was any missing children that needed wheelchairs or crutches. The man on the other end of the radio answered yes that a 12 year old girl named Aqua Marie Lander was and a 14 year old boy named Samuael Derek Winter was too. The patrol man jumped out of his boat at that and tied it to a nearby tree. When he walked up to take a look at the raft he was Aqua. He ran to her and grabbed both of her arms. He asked her if she was Aqua Marie Lander. Then he said it didn't matter if she was or not because he still had to take her to the patrol station. When he tried to pick her up she started screaming and trying to hit him. He still was able to get her over his shoulder, though. When they got to the boat he put her in the holding cage, then went to get her wheelchair, crutches, and her water and food. He left the raft tied to the tree. Aqua screamed most of the way till he told her if she shut up he would tell her something. He told her that his name was David. He said that he had three children. 4 year old Amanda, 6 year old Sammy, and 13 year old Jessica. He said that the Carmex Guards took them, but they let him see them if he became a lake patrol officer. Then he asked her if she was Aqua, and she said yes. Soon though the sun was going down so she went to sleep.

Day 5. When she woke up they were at the Carmex Patrol Station's dock and David was standing outside of the cage. He unlocked the cage and leaned in to pick up Aqua. This time he didn't throw her over his shoulder. David let her wrap her arms around his neck, then he picked up her legs. When they walked inside of the station he set her in a chair while he went to talk to the lady behind the counter. David came back and said that he had to take her to one of the holding cages in the back. Once he had stuck her in a cage, he left to get her wheelchair and crutches. He came back after he brought them and said goodbye. Soon a lady came in and asked Aqua her full name. The lady said her name was Amber. Aqua asked her if she had any children. Amber said yes. There was two girls, 8 year old Mary and 12 year old Hannah. After that Aqua quickly fell asleep.

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