29: Time Has To Solve Everthing..

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"Don't feel bad
for making decisions
that upset other people.

You are not
responsible for their

You are
For Yours"
Words used : 1789



~Nida Di's POV~

"so!" I clapped my hands and sat with full attention, staring at her ready to hear her love story. There could be nothing better than love stories ahhh... They take you to a wonderland... And give you those feelings of thrill... Haha... I just love them and this better to be cool.

Ahh... Maybe they met on the beaches of Mumbai..... And sat holding hands... As the waves washed on their feet staring at the horizon... Oh, how beautiful and peaceful!!...


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Na... Na... Maybe they met in a lingerie shop... They were walking and she crashed into him... They both fell down... Along with a few sets of lingeries... Hahaha! ... And then he picks up one... Oh.. Darling this will look beautiful on you... Nnnuhhh... Too cheesy and stupid... Nonono...



"Spill! Come on! How does he look, you know! Washboards abs? Lol... And Calvin Klein model body!!?? " I ask thinking of what I'd want in my fantasy of a boyfriend. Though I don't want a relationship before marriage call me daddy's girl it doesn't matter, what matters is that there is no use of those relationships before marriage, it could get successful yes but what are the chances? Is it more than getting successful when actually genuinely committed to each other through vows and ceremonies? When you are tied to each other, respected and promised the chances are more successful. Which is why a relationship before marriage seems like a waste of emotions, tears, time, and oh yes! Money on dresses how can I forget that... But even many lead to divorce cases as well! Okay, stop dear mind... Back to the present...the answer to what I'd like in my boyfriend... Let's see...

"oh come on... Acha... Answer this one... Does he treat you like a princess!!??

"Yes," Humaira says,

yes? That's..... it?

If it was me I'd have a lots and lots to brag and blabber about, and here a simple 'yes' sated her that she is grinning so widely I'm afraid she might lose the elasticity of her lips, and her eyes they are seriously twinkling!! You know like bulbs flickering when it's gonna get expired soon?? Her eyes look just like that... What? Wait... Why am I thinking of expired things?

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