Chapter 1

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Keith P.O.V.

I went to the kicten and put a piece of bread in the toaster. About 2 minutes passed by, and finally the piece of bread was cooked in this toaster device. I put the toast in my mouth and looked at the time. Shit I'm late. I quickly ran to my schoobag and ran outside with the toast in my mouth. 


Great now my breakfast is on the ground for the ants. My eyes looked up to see a guy who is clearly tall, and with beatiful tan skin. "Crap, I'm sorry I didn't see you there." The tan boy said while reaching out his hand to help me up. I waited a few minutes before I spoke, "I-It's okay." I felted my cheeks getting hotter. What's this new feeling?  My thoughts got distruped by a girl who basically screaming. "Lance, hurry up were going to be late for class!" Her voice is making feel angry, but why? After they left I couldn't help but wonder, so his name is Lance.

I walked in the school building, went staight to the locker and switched my shoes. As I closed my locker I saw the boy, whom I meet earlier. My mouth opened to said something but nothing came out, so basically I just stared at him. The boy turned his to his friend and say, "What's wrong with him, he's acting strange." He pointed at me to show his friend. "I don't know, but I think we should stay away from him." Great my first impression ruined, but who was he talking to?  I tried to walk from that whole awkward experience, also tried take a glimpse of the person he was talking to. She had white hair and she was really pretty. I must find a way to elimated her.

In class, this person infront of me tried talking to me, "Hey, my name is Pidge, I'm new here so wanna be friends." She had orange hair, orange eyes, and glasses, She looked cute, but that's not how I see her. "Yea, sure." I wasn't sure how long she waited for that answer. Then her eyes lit up, "Cool, see in lunch then." "Sure." I smiled back at her. Why would I eat with someone I just met though?

Finally the 3 classes I had earlier  are finished, now time for lunch. I went to the rooftop and I saw the white-haired girl from earlier talking to this dude with white and black hair. Hmmm maybe I can matchmake them so she will leave senpai alone. Finally the white-haired lady walked to some other place. I walked up the dude who she was talking to and said, "Look dude, I don't wanna waste time I know you like that girl and if you need help I can matchmake you two together." The dude, whom I was talking to looking away flustered, "I know I sound desperate, but can you help me." I nodded. "I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself, i'm Shiro and that girl name's Allura." "Okay, I see what type of guys she like." Then I walked off, but stop when i saw senpai dropped his apple in the trashcan. The apple bounced off and landed on the ground. I waited for him to leave before I collected the apple and started to lick it. It tastes like senpai... I started grinned at that feeling. 


I turned to see Pidge and quickly hid the apple behind me. "What are you doing." She said while pointing at me. "Uh, nothing." I looked at her nervoiusly. "Don't worry I don't care about your hobby of collecting garbage." She said with a big smile. "Oh, I thought you hate me for it." we continued to talk untill we found a spot to sit. "I was just wondering what do you think about that upperclass man, I think his name is Lance." I was just asking for my curiously. "Oh, ew I don't see him that way, he's like a brother to me." Wait she knows hmm? "How do you two know each other?" "We work at this movie theater together or something, I mean we could sit with him if you like?" "Oh yes I love that." Pidge dragged me to where Lance and this big guy is. "Hey, Pidge, how life treating you?" Lance said with a really beatiful smile, "Oh also, who is this?" Lance turned his head to look at me. I opened my mouth to say something but Pidge got to me first, "This is Keith, his from my class." I waved at them. What am I supposed do in this situation. "Well hey, keith, this is Hunk and I'm Lance." I just realised that I was supposed help Shiro, "I'm sorry guys, I have to do something, I just realized now." Then I quickly ran to find Allura.

I found her sitting under a cherry-bossom tree, "Hey, I was just wondering if you like this dude named Shiro." She looked at me in shock, "Oh god, was I that obvious." I nodded, "I think he likes you too, you should confessed to him." She started to bright up, "You know what, I'm going to write a letter today!" She took a piece of paper and started writing. "That's the spirit." I smiled at her. I started walked away from her, I was going to go back the rooftop but the bell had rung. I sighed and walked back to class.

The bell had finally rung, I walked to my locker and changed my shoes. I quietly followed Lance until he reach to his house. Now that I know he returned home, I should go home and add the apple to my new shrine.

Shiro P.O.V

I walked to locker after the bell had rung. I opened my locker and saw a love letter that fell out. My hands picked up the letter and opened it. My eyes scanned over the words on the letter. 

           Dear Shiro,

     I'm not really good at writing love letters, but here we go. I hadn't realized my feelings until now, because a friend had just brought it up. Even if you don't except my love for you I would like to still be friends. All day I kept thinking about you, and yes I know it's not Friday but I can't wait that long. So please give me a try and meet in the cherry bossom tree behind the school at 6:00 P.M.

 Love, Allura.

I never had ran faster in my life. My hands were sweaty, and I can feel  my heart racing. I ran up to the tree and saw Allura waiting for me. She was looking down not trying to make eye contact. I put my hands on her cheeks and raised her head to let see me. She tried to say something but I cut her off with a kiss. "I love you, Allura." "I love you too." She said then she kiss me back.


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