Chapter Eighteen- Kill Me Romantically

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Sorry the last chapter was so short, I couldn't decide what I wanted to put in it! Hopefully this one will be longer and be way better :D Please vote and comment on this as well because I love getting comments and the votes will help with Watty Awards! Anyway, thank you so much to YummyMentos for the awesome cover on the right. Check out her page when you get the chance!


Chapter Eighteen- Kill Me Romantically

June 21st: Waxing Crescent

    I woke up to a dark car that smelled like the greasey food of McDonalds. Considering I hadn't eat in a while it smelled good even though it was about as good for me as drinking a full cup of sugar. As far as I was concerned, I deserved a little food seeing as I'd been unconscious for a few hours now...maybe even more. 

    My eyes opened up to my surroundings and I saw that my head was resting against Blue Eyes shoulder. I tried not to cringe too much as I extracted myself from the awful situation and turned so I could look at Joseph. He made no eye contact with me, but I could tell that he knew I was awake. It seemed strange that he was trying not to speak with me, but I decided that it was just a side effect of knowing everything about everyone for reasons unknown. So, I didn't let it bother me too much.

    Blue Eyes on the other hand was sound asleep with his head propped up against the window. An empty bag of McDonalds lay on his lap, making me want to yell at the two for not having saved me something. They must have thought I wouldn't wake up any time soon. 

    "I would be worried if I were you," Joseph said quietly in such a low voice that it was almost a whisper. If it weren't for my superior hearing I wouldn't have heard him. 

    "About what?" I asked, noticing that he still wouldn't look at me properly. 

    "You're learning too much and it's going to get you killed. You were meant to forget for a very important keep your body still breathing and healthy. You're ruining the whole plan with your insane curiousity for knowing about your past life. Is it too much to ask that you forget about that and live in the now?"

    Though this kind of thing had already happened to me with Joseph it still hadn't ceased to shock me. Where did he get this innate ability to know everything about everyone? Shouldn't there be some kind of restriction on the amount of information he gets to know about people? Personally I thought it highly unfair that he knew more about myself than I did. There was no one way in heck I was going to stop prodding around in my past to see what happened. I didn't care if it killed me! I had to know and there was nothing that could stop me even if it was an immensely muscular boy. 

    "What the real question here Joseph is how you know all of this stuff about people. Honestly, I'm not sure if I should believe you have mind reading abilities or are just really close with a super spy that someone knows my entire life story. Either way I'm going to figure out about my past whether it means my death or not. Which leads me to another question of how absolutely cryptic that is and that--"

    "Do you ever shut up?" asked Blue Eyes in a groggy sleep filled voice. It was evident that he had no idea what I'd been rambling about, but it came as no surprise that it had annoyed him. I'm sure the sight of my face brought horror to his mind every time he saw it, what with how he was acting around me lately. 

    Blue Eyes sat up and leaned his head against the head rest. "Unfortunetly for you, I do not. I have a large mouth that likes to voice it's opinion whether or not it's wanted." 

    Blue Eyes only rolled his eyes and stared straight ahead while Joseph kept his mouth cut into a firm line. If he wasn't so infuriating with his all knowing crap then maybe he wouldn't be stuck with the horrid look. Personally I thought it suited his annoying way of talking which was always told in a tone that said he was superior to everyone else. Then again, I could also be mistaking that for a sensei type voice in which case would make him my ninja master. Highly unlikely! 

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