My first love story

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My First Love Story

( sup! i'm lyk super new to this so...if the story isnt gud.. i honestly dont writing is all for fun and pleasure!)

So here goes nothing........

Chapter One 1

" I hate you Annie," I whined, " This was supposed to be OUR sleepover..not yours and Jared's!"

Annie just gave me her best puppy dog look and said, " I know Peyson, and i'm sorry. But this is the only time me and jared have together before he...leaves."

I sighed just giving in. This was only like the...i dont know... the 1000th time she's invited her boyfriend Jared to our sleepovers, so that they can do God knows what in the guest bedroom. And i swear every time Annie does this, it actually makes me want my Mom to be home and not on a business trip.

And this morning, when i called and asked Annie if she wanted to spend the night, i was totally prepared to say no to any crazy plans she had in mind.

But then realization hit me- this was the last time she'd see Jared before he went to serve in the war.

I couldnt say no.

" Fine Annie." I said quietly with another sigh. She released her pouty face and squeeled with delight just as the doorbell rang. Annie went to go get it. But before she opened it she turned to me, " Oh- yah..Peyson?"

"Hmm?" i answered.

" I tolf Jared to invite a friend so that you wouldnt be lonely."

My jaw dropped, and i quickly ran upstairs to check my face and put some make-up on. I mean.. God. I couldnt make a bad impression.

When i was finished with my appearence i looked into the mirror and was satisfied.

I had my curly black hair falling down my back with a straightened bang covering my left eye. I had to wear glasses so my green eyes were hidden behind them. (ok,you maybe thinking"well,she's nerdy."But i rocked my glasses! Mkay?) My eyelids held gold eye shadow and i had put on eyeliner and mascara. I put some chapstick on and my lips turned redder making them look cute and pouty.

I wore my classic black ripped skinnies and a white T-shit that fit my light brown body snuggly.

I walked downstairs and saw Annie and Jared sucking faces. I rolled my eyes and yelled, " Take it to the guest room guys geez."

I heard a soft chuckle coming from the couch. i looked over towards the sound and face to face to with what i assumed must have been the hottest guy in this country. He had black hair that flung over his eyes. Which were an interesting forest green that you could easily mistake them for black. His lips were a shade of pink that made him look totally kissable.He had light brown skin and i noticed he shared my same passion for skinny jeans. But his hung past his hips, and he was wearing a dark blue hollister top, with white converses. DAMN! this boy had me already.

I quickly composed myself and walked towards him and asked, " You must be...?"

" Chris. Jared's friend." He said. Chris held out his hand for me take and i shook it. while he looked into my weird.

" I'm Peyson.Peyson Keys." I said nervously biting my lip. I averted my eyes from his and dropped his hand. There was pure uncomfortable silence for a minute until he looked around and said, " Well at least the lovers left." I giggled at that and replied, "Yes. they what would you like to?"

And that question led to us playing Grand Theft Auto, Battlefront, and Modern Warfare 2. Which i kicked ass at.