“What you doing?” Larry asked as he plopped himself beside me on the bed.

I was propped up with my back to the headboard and laptop on and running as I typed up my ten page psychology paper. “Homework,” I answer not really paying him any mind as his hand grabs hold of my braid to start twirling it within his fingers, something him and his brother both formed into a habit.

“Ah yes, you college girl, my smart Poupée.” This has me glancing over to him for a spilt second before my eyes were back on the fluorescent screen.

“You did not just call me your doll, why does everyone say this?” I asked as this was the same nickname Antony and the other’s had for me other than Monster who stuck with “Honey bee”.

“Cause you small and cute like one, oh and you remind me of that Disney caractère Rapunzel; you just so cute and tiny.” He says chuckling to himself.

I snort in repulsion to this, “First off Mr. Skyscraper I’m not tiny, I’m fun sized snicker bar, secondly I’m not a Disney character plus she’s a blonde. Thirdly my hair isn’t that long.” I retort with the roll of the eyes as I kept typing away.

“Non, I right you like Rapunzel just not blonde, you hair almost touch the floor,” I side eyed him, “Okai, okai so it’s a bit passed your knees close enough, no?”

“Non, it’s not close enough and why the hell are you bothering me anyway? Go find Ashely and your twin and bother them I have a paper to get done.”

Larry kissed his teeth and in the next second I’m staring down at a now empty lap where my laptop once laid, I blink down in disbelief. This mufucka did not just snatch my shit from me. I glance up to find him no longer on the bed but placing my windows eight laptop on one of the dressers before turning to face me again.

“Larry what the hell are you doing?” I asked crossing my arms under my bosom.

“You in here all day, we no see you because you busy; well I want some time with my best friend. You coming out with me now so get dressed.”

“Larry my paper is due tomorrow morning and I have to send it out to my professor, I can’t, shit I can’t even have time to stay on the phone with my baby for more than five minutes; so please let me finish and then you can have me around all damn day when my paper is sent in.”

Larry shakes his head and walks over to the small walk in closet, it only takes him a minute or so to walk back out with a pair of Royal bones fishnet skinny jeans, skull chiffon Hi-Lo top, and T.U.K cream button rocket boots within his possession. So I shopped at Hot- Topic more than any other place, it’s dark like my tarnished soul; so what there’s no crime.

“Cleary you aren’t hearing me,” I state with a pout.

“Non, clearly you no hear me I say you coming out with me and there won’t be no excuses of “why I can’t”, now put this shit on or I do it for you.”

We have a stare off as I chew on my bottom lip contemplating on how this would play out, one  of things I learn about Larry was that once he put his mind to something, or was passionate he would be sure to get what he wants; furthermore, he was stubborn. Very, very fucking stubborn, I glance longingly at my laptop and of the sentence that was unfinished. I really needed to finish that paper, I refuse to fail at anything; it was one thing I had control of.

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