Chapter three Darth Sidious vs Darth Nox

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-theme: power-

(Listen during the duel. this chapter makes use of Karon's ambidexterity.)

Darth Sidious charged Darth Nox, the Sith had drastically underestimated his opponent's abilities and power and now he was paying for it. Nox and Sidious clashed sabers, Palpatine noting how little room for error there was in Nox's strikes. the Sith highblood then- to Sidious's suprise- switched hands from his right hand to his left hand. this was unexpected as Nox figured out when he and his opponent clashed in a saberlock. the contest of strength was one sided, in Nox's favor as he pushed Sidious back. twisting his and Palpatine's lightsabers, he Force pushed the Sith back a good ten feet. the helmeted Sith sighed, "I am not impressed false one, I expected better..." he said, Sidious growled, he was being taunted, and pushed into a corner. He then used that anger to throw Nox through the wall behind him. Sidious then stood up and smiled evilly, it was clear to him that the highblood didn't expect that to happen. that smile turned to shock when a immense wave of Force sent him flying towards the hole Nox had made. the Sith Lords looked at each other, Nox then quietly chuckled. "Impressive." he said, "Most impressive..." Darth Nox to Sidious's suprise was barely injured while the old Sith Lord had clearly not expected to be thrown through a wall, he had used Force healing to mend the injuries he sustained. "But I believe it is time we ended this skirmish... prepare false one, for I will give you a warrior's death!" both Sith then charged each other once more, Sidious was beginning to show his exhaustion, as this duel turned into a battle of stamina. a battle Darth Sidious was losing. As both stared at one another, Darth Nox switched to his right handed style. they had fought for hours and when they clashed again, the armored Sith could tell Sidious was getting tired...and slowing down considerably. his attacks were sluggish and weakening, he then used his lightsaber to swat Sidious's saber out of the old man's hands. he was beaten and at Nox's mercy,"I....will destroy you....the next time....we meet...."Sidious panted hard, Nox looked at his opponent and gave off a dark aura. "There will not be a next time for you old man..." the highblood said,"You are strong with the Dark side...but not that strong..." he raised his lightsaber and was about to kill Sidious when he whirled around to block Dooku's saber. "You will not kill my master!" the Count shouted, Nox was now getting annoyed and Ventress who was watching from afar could sense Nox's anger boiling up. "I have had enough of YOU!!!!" Nox sent a Force Storm at Dooku who was sent flying back, but was suddenly Force Gripped by Nox and pulled to him stopping just in front of the Sith Lord. Dooku blocked Nox's attacks for a few seconds, before he was hit by a jab to the chest. Nox then cut Dooku's arm off at he shoulder. the Count screamed in agony before being Force Pushed to the other side of the mausoleum. Nox then turned back to Sidious, only to see him gone. he then sensed the false one behind him, turning on his heel he saw that Dooku and Ventress were gone as well, (Cowards...) Nox thought to himself, he then sensed another presence, one he knew all to well. "Jedi..." Darth Nox said with a sadistic grin under his helmet, he was hoping the Order was still around, "This will be interesting."

So sorry about the cliffhanger, but yeah Sidious was almost killed and Dooku lost his dominant arm to Darth Nox, comment rate and the next chapter will be out later today, see you in the aftermath peace...but..not literally.

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