Chapter 3

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"everyone has there own reason, why were you gonna jump?" He asked you gently. "Parents, the assholes never cared" you said softly. You rested your head in his shoulder, his skin jumped a little, but he wrapped his arms around your shoulder. "Ya know Marshall no one really cared enough to listen to my side of the story" you said softly. "It's worth hearing people's story, give 'em a reason to live" he said softly. "Here's my number" you said handing him a piece of paper with your cell number. "Thanks, I'll uh text you" he said a light blush creeping to his face, you smiled a bit. You knew you liked him.

I am so sorry about a late upload I've had a shitty day :/ I needed to talk someone about it, I did talk to someone and want to thank her, imokay_ipromise1, thank you for listening.

- Cade.

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