eleven ; motherly instincts

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xi. motherly instincts

━ ❝ everything will be okay ❞

━ ❝ everything will be okay ❞

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PAN WAS PLAYING a dangerous game. First kidnapping Henry, then giving them a blank map in the hopes of destroying Emma, taking Arabella, and then switching the location of his camp because he wanted them to know who was in charge. The group had trekked for hours before the immortal boy moved the camp, sending them into a pit of despair. Even though they decided to find themselves some help from a former fairy, their stance in the race to save both Henry and Arabella was rather low. With David slowly succumbing to the effects of dreamshade and with Emma trying to be the Savior she was, the group was breaking apart. And Pan knew it. After all, it was part of his game.

And unfortunately, if Arabella wasn't his wife and true love, he would've kidnapped her anyway. She had powerful magic that he would've used to his advantage. That was just who he was. But luckily the brunette did hold a place in his seemingly nonexistent heart. Yet he was still Peter Pan, the immortal, cocky, arrogant demon boy. What would she think of him when she realized his intentions for Henry?

The lost boys' camp was bustling with boys when they arrived. Instantly, all eyes were on Arabella. She was used to the attention and didn't think anything of it. She figured that it was probably a while since they had a girl—female—in their camp which didn't seem like a good thing. Boys this young needed to have some interactions with females. Didn't they at least have a mother figure at some point?

"What's a girl doing here?" one questioned, his lips curled down in disgust. All of the boys had similar expressions though some looked genuinely curious. But those who were intrigued were the younger ones. The older ones weren't as kind. The only thing they could see looking at her was Wendy. Wendy bloody Darling.

Another one piqued up, pointing his finger accusingly. "That's the girl that knocked me down!" In perfect synchronization, their expressions formed into shock. Some of them murmured to the boys beside them. The news of a girl actually being able to fight was unheard of. Pan had taught them that girls were weak, bratty, and overall just awful. He had only met one female in his entire life that he hadn't hated. That was Arabella.

The said mother rose an eyebrow, looking offended. "And may I ask why that was so shocking?" Her stance showed that she wasn't at all afraid of them. So what? They had cloaks that hid their faces and their personalities weren't the brightest. But to be quite honest, she had dealt with worse. Much worse.

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