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Pen Your Pride

Okay fist timer! This will be in Whitney's P.O.V. Here it goes!

Whitney's P.O.V.

We were totally rocking out over here In our hotel room. We were playing music and singing at the top of our lungs. Our neighbors were probably so annoyed right now, well unless they were shamelessly flirting, and tuning everything but each other out. Hint hint the people on our right. ;)

Schyler jumped on the bed and started singing louder. "BA DI AH SAY DO YOU REMEMBER BA DI AH DANCING IN SEPTEMBER, BA DI AH NEVER WAS A CLOUDY DAYYYY!"

God, I don't care if I win or not, just being able To have The opportunity to hang out with Schyler and Lola and just already having so much fun is good enough. Not to mention my favorite activity aside from singing, match making.

I love watching how Ash blushes everytime Colton talks to her and smiling whenever he does. I love playing matchmaker. They are just too cute!

The song ended and Schyler collapsed on the bed as Lola hit the pause button on the iPod.

"This is a great way to kick off our idol journey!"

Lola exclaimed whilst pulling her socks off.

I laughed, "Do you guys want to see if we can find any other contestants?"

They both eagerly agreed. We walked down the hallway To one of the four elevators on our floor. After a few seconds one of the shiny bronze doors opened an we stepped inside.

"Do you guys think Colton likes Ash?" I asked skeptically.

Schyler bursted out laughing. "Are you kidding me! He's obsessed with her!"


"Why would I mess with you guys about this? This could be Colton's first girlfriend that I actually like!"

We all cracked up as we stepped out of the elevator the lobby was still crawling with people even at this hour.

I looked into the sea of people

And chuckled, "Looks like Colton and Ash got here first."

Over at the left side of the room Colton and Ash were chatting with who I assumes were a few of the other contestants. We giggled and as we walked into the sea of people.

As we walked I bumped right into another person she was blonde like Lola and I and had really pretty eyes.

"Oh excuse me!" I said holding out my hand, "I'm Whitney and these are my friends Lola and Schyler."

The girl smiled she looked about our age, "Nice to meet you," she said in a heavy accent, "My name is Hollie cavanagh."

"Awesome." Lola said smiling, " What room are you in?"

She looked at a number scribbled on her hand, "floor twelve room 1332."

Schyler squealed, "OMG! we are room 1333! We are right across from your room!"

Hollie smiled some more, "We should hang out later! Say we go grab lunch tomorrow? And if you want to we could form a group and practice our group performance for tomorrow evening?"

We all nodded, "sounds like a plan Hollie!"

She wrote her phone number on the back of an old business card from her wallet and handed it to us. We waved good bye and turned to each other.

"That was easier than I thought it would be...."

"Yeah this place is crawling with people! If we hadn't come down here we probably wouldn't be able to form a group of five tomorrow."

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