Act I

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When Best Friends Kiss


- Alex

Warning: This story contains uses of the f-slur and one instance of underage drinking (which I obviously do not condone; don't break the law, kids).

There are a handful of lines in Spanish. Either direct translations are given inline or looser translations are written into the narrative.

Most importantly: This book has a ton of diversity. I don't like censoring comments, but please, please, PLEASE be mindful of what you say. If you think your comment could possibly offend or invalidate someone (lgb)TQ+, or a person of color or culturally different, or who's mentally ill or disabled, JUST DON'T POST IT. I want the comments to be a safe space for those people.

Additionally, please don't be a jerk to any other readers and insult them. Even if you disagree, there's no need to resort to insults. Don't be that person.

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