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"Same blood, different worlds"

-Max Faristos


Max's POV

I placed my hand on the lockers, blocking him in.

"Bro what are you doing?" He asked, confused of why I got angry when he mentioned her.

I looked at him, eyes filled with anger.

"Oh I see, you want her all to yourself don't you" He smirked.

He made it worse with every word that left his drug-using mouth.

"I have no interest in her" I replied in a low husky voice.

"Well if you're not, then-" He said trying to move my arm away. It was like my hand was glued to the lockers, that's how angry I was. You must wonder why.

Because the girl he was talking about, was my cousin.

I moved closer to his ear so he could understand every single word I said. "If you come near her" I whispered, my breath against his ear, "I'll make your death seem like an accident".

"Back up bro" He said pushing me away.

"Fine I'll stay away from her. She's all yours" He replied, his expression filled with annoyances.

"Younes, I swear to God, I'm not playing" I shouted when he was walking away from me.

I watched him walk away while I was bouncing between anger and helplessness. I smashed my fist into a locker, rattling the entire row. Other guys started staring at me but quickly backed away as I was on my way to my own locker. I can't control my anger, It took every ounce of control to not punch someone.

I shoved everything I need into my gym bag and slammed the door shut. I punched the locker once again, leaving a fist-size dent in the door.

My fist aching, I threw my bag over my shoulder as I saw how she was secretly staring at me. How she was looking at me with disgust in her eyes. I don't blame her, everyone looks at me like that. I stormed out of there without giving her any attention and went straight to practice.

Maya's POV

What is wrong with him? I don't understand. How can someone have so much anger in them. I heard someone talk about him before, his name is Max. Drug addict mother and left behind by his father.

You know..

Never mind..

If your parents are that fucked up, how can you not be so messed up yourself.

While I was still following him with my eyes, I almost forgot that I was at a school with people around.

"Hey you're the new chick right?" Someone asked.

"Hmm" I said as I looked at person who asked me a question.

His immense blue eyes pierced through my soul. His naturally perfect shaped eyebrows could make any girl jealous. His short dark hair shined brighter than my future.

A grin appeared on his face.

"Yeah I get that sometimes" He chuckled.

As I was snapped back to reality, I quickly lowered my gaze.

"Sorry?" I started, continuing with what I was doing.

"Hi I'm Sameed, you're new right?" He asked casually leaning against the locker next to mine, his arms folded across his chest. 

His name sounded so Arab yet his blond hair and blue eyes told me otherwise.

"Yeah I gotta go" I replied, closing my locker slowly.

"I didn't get your name?" He informed. I felt how he was looking at me. And I hated it. I hated it so much.

How guys look at girls only out of lust.

"No" I replied. I'm a shy girl, but when it comes down to how guys played all 'bady bad', it gets to me.

"Tough one, aight" He chuckled.

"Nah just not interested" I replied, leaving without giving him anymore of my attention.

Day 1 and I already wanna go back to New York.


This is just a teaser, somewhere inbetween the story. This is not how the story begins.

Chapter one will be dropped tomorrow or the day after.

I truly hope you will like the story.

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