Hey guys, as you can see, I'm starting a new story for no reason at all. I'm just somewhat inspired due to the fact that I am reading Treasure Island in my English class however this has nothing to do with that story at all. It'd be nice if you vote, (only if you think it's good! ;D) And maybe some comments? I'd like some feedback. So yeah thanks for trying this story out and I hope you enjoy.

Chapter One

                A prostitute. That is what I am. The dreams that you wish to have are just that in my world. Dreams. Once a prostitute, always a prostitute as everyone says. But you know what? My dream is something that even the British army looks at in disgust. At least some people enjoy the actions we play on others. But a pirate. Even the word makes the army's blood boil. So why is it that a girl like me wishes to become something even worse than a prostitute?

               Young adults out in the new world would understand. Freedom. The one word that my tongue has not tasted. Even one voyage out into the sea for one year would be enough. But of course the money I make is just enough for a day's worth of meals. That money wouldn't be enough to pay for the King's breakfast.

              So here I am in the cloak of a chilly night, ready to pounce on a willing victim. Night by night I go through more than 5 men. The disgusting feel of their grubby fingers after working at the docks. Desperate men. But of course, I am no exception. As I look out on the streets, I find one man slowly walking as though he's not used to the feel of flat land. As though he has been on a ship for far too long. He breathes the fishy air slowly, watching his foggy breathe disappear into the darkness.

              As I look him up and down, I notice his boots are not the usual ones sold in stores. No, this man, lives his life on the sea. From the month old beard to the weary look in his eyes, you can see that he has gone through many hardships just to stay alive. From lack of food to stormy winds I would not know. But that is what I'd be willing to go through.

            "Hello there!" I call out softly. "Care for some company?"

The man turns his head slowly and pierces me with his bright blue eyes. "And you are?" He questions.


"Well Miss Mira, you should know that a lady should not be alone at night."

I shrug. "I'm used to it."

"And how old are you miss?"

I bite my lip nervously. Customers usually don't know my name but I've made an exception. However an age? I must be mad if I tell him. "Almost nineteen sir."

"Well Mira. You look a bit cold. Would you care for some warmth."

I was unsure of whether or not to respond however, this seaman crushed his lips onto mine before letting me reply.

               "Mira." He breathes out after one long kiss. "Would you like to come with me. Out in the open sea?"

"I---." Unsure of what to say, I had no choice but to stutter. An opportunity just like that! Do I dare to take it?

"But, I don't even know your name!" I protested.

He gave me a smirk. "Quinn."

"Well Quinn. I usually don't stay with a customer for more than one day." I quickly responded.

He raised his eyesbrows. "So I'm a customer now am I?"

"Yes." I bit my lip.

"Please, I promise you won't regret it." He placed his hand in front of me.

            And ignoring all the protests from my brain, I gently placed my hand in his, finally smelling the taste of freedom close by.

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