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How many times do you need to get hurt for you to know it's time to let go?


Ang hirap na tanong ano? Hanggang kelan nga ba? Nasusukat ba ang katangahan ng tao? May MARTYRDOMETER ba na pwedeng gamitin para malaman kung hanggang kelan ka lang dapat magpakasakit before you actually let go?


In a failed relationship, there are two personas: The one who left and the one that's left behindThe former enjoys a lot while the latter dies slowly. The one who left rejoices as if he won a case, the other one though not guilty was jailed. The first one will find a new love but the last will stick for love to come back. The one who left brought the memories and the other was left with a scar.  Lastly, the one who left wakes up to a brand new day while the one left behind wakes up with another day to battle the pain...



Ako yung latter. Ako yung iniwan. Ako yung umaasang babalikan...

6 Letters, 2 Words.Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!