Chapter 14 ~ Percy

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"Honey lemon. Take a bite." Chef Silena said as she handed each of them a spoon.

Percy personally loved the taste. It was bittersweet. The lemon soured it up, but then the honey gave it more of a sugary taste.


She took out a batch of pink cookies with little strawberries on them. Percy and Jason took one and bit it. Percy was loving everything this chef made.

The blue eyed chef in the kitchen took out a vanilla cake with different kinds of berries on top. Percy took a blueberry and threw it at Jason. The blond king flinched, picked up a raspberry and threw in in response. Percy ducked, then the berry hit Silena. She ducked as Percy and Jason began their berry fight.

After a while. Percy heard the door open. He saw blond and brown hair in the doorway. He didn't pay attention to who it was.

"What. Happened. In. Here." Percy recognized the beautiful voice.
"Annabeth. Piper." he breathed.
"We... had a fight?" Jason said, but it became a question.
"Right. With what, berries?" Piper asked.

The girls rolled their eyes. Annabeth walked over to Percy.    She kissed his berry-stained cheek, getting raspberry juice on her lips. Suddenly, her eyes widened and she clutched her stomach.

"Percy. I-I-I think I'm having the baby."
"You think?" he asked as he scooped her up and ran to the infirmary.

Annabeth looked like she was in pain. Before she could scream, he got her to the infirmary and placed her on the nearest bed. He tapped the shoulder of the nurse Kayla.

She saw him and told him to leave the room while she rushed to Annabeth's side to help her.

Once Percy left, he began praying.

Please don't let her be one of the ones that die. Please. Please. Please.

Piper and Jason saw his worry stricken expression. Piper put a hand on his leg.

"She'll be fine Percy. Calm down."

Her soothing voice wasn't enough. Percy could hear Annabeth's blood curling screams from down the hall. Now, Percy being Percy, didn't follow the nurse's orders. He ran right back inside. Piper was trying to call him back, but Jason stopped her.

On the infirmary bed was his wife, her eyes full of pain. Her blond hair was a mess. He rushed to her side and gripped her hand. Annabeth looked strained once again. Maybe at the time he came in was just a break. She screamed, which hurt, no, injured, Percy's ears. He winced as she squeezed his hand.

Suddenly a baby's cry broke out. Piper and Jason ran inside.

"Percy I was telling you to stop, you- oh." Piper stopped in her rant.

The nurse was holding a little baby girl, with black hair and gray-green eyes. Annabeth took the baby from her. Percy looked on as Annabeth rocked her.

"Rosalie Evelyn Calista." she announced.

The baby, Rose, he decided to call her, because he like Rosalie best out of all this names, smiled, as if she liked the name. Annabeth smiled back at her.

"Percy, do you want to hold her?" Annabeth whispered.

Percy walked by and took Rose from her hands. Annabeth whispered softly to him.

"I think I'm going to call her Rose. For short."

Piper walked by. Annabeth began singing a lullaby.

"May I hold her?" she asked gently.

Percy nodded as he handed Rose to Piper. She rocked her gently and joined Annabeth in her lullaby.

"Hush little darling, don't you cry.
Mother will sing you a lullaby,
Stars, sun. Watch her for me.
Sleep, sleep my sweet baby."

Percy hummed along. Then elbowed Jason.

"You better get used to this."
"Of course."

Percy smiled at Annabeth and Piper rocking and singing to baby Rose. He was happy. He had the family he always dreamed of. A wonderful wife. And a beautiful baby girl. He loved them all. He had friends he could count on. He walked over the his wife and child. Piper stepped back, sensing the moment. He placed an arm around Annabeth and smiled at the Rose. She smiled back.

"This is perfect." Percy began, "I have the perfect wife. The most beautiful baby in the world. And the most perfect family I could dream of."

He gently kissed Annabeth and Rose cooed. She seemed t be saying, ewww. Percy and Annabeth laughed while Piper and Jason looked at the, quizzically. Percy was the happiest he had ever been.

Hey my peeps. Look, I'm ending the story here. Yeah yeah I know. What? You're ending the story here? This is only the beginning! Chill. I'm going to make a sequel. I hope you're happy with the baby's name. I'll announce the sequel when I figure out a title and plot. See ya. I also figured out one of the coolest things ever. Go to Google Translate and type in the English box 'will Percy Jackson ever die?' Translate it to Greek and copy the translation and paste it in the part where you typed in the thing you wanted to translate. Then translate to English. Comment on what you get. (And it doesn't work with 'will the seven die')

The sequel is called "Oceania's Princess"

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