Chapter 14 ~ Percy

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Woohoo!!! Month skipping!! Nine months.

Percy woke up with blond hair in his face. He blew on it softly. Annabeth stirred in her sleep. He gently hugged her and pulled her closer. He put one hand on her stomach. At times, he often felt the little baby kick or move around. Then, Annabeth's eyes slowly opened.

"Good morning beautiful." he greeted her.
"Morning." she yawned, "I want to sleep."

Annabeth pulled the blanket to cover herself. Percy sat up and kissed her forehead. He got up and let his wife sleep.

Percy was glad to be home. Everyone in the kingdom rejoiced once their leaders had returned. Chef Silena threw a feast. Piper and Jason, who were now married, embraced them and celebrated. The war council partied with them.

Percy was sad about missing Piper and Jason's wedding. Even though he and Annabeth had been captured at the time, he still felt guilty. He had missed his best friend's wedding. He wanted to see them dance together, like he and Annabeth did.

Now, it was back to being a king. He ran do to the library and organized some paperwork. The people of the village needed some repairs, so Percy had sent a team of builders to fix their homes and shops. It made him sad to hear the Hestia's Bakery was destroyed in a battle. So much to do as a result of Percy's absence. He sighed.

He heard footsteps coming into the library. And a lock of honey blond hair. He watched as Annabeth came in.

"Morning Percy."

He got up and twirled her around, then kissed her cheek. She giggled.

"So what are you doing today, beautiful?" he asked.
"Nothing much. Catching up on some reading, maybe trade for a baby's crib."
"Oh. By the way, I had a crib made. Got to the Vulcan Kingdom. While I was a soldier, I went to them to ask for a favor."
"Alright. Bye Percy." she kissed him on the cheek and left.

Percy didn't want to let her go, but he had so much to catch up on. He saw blond hair in how hallway. Then watched Jason knock on his door. He had forgotten that Jason and Piper were staying here for the night.

"Hello Percy." he greeted.
"Jason. What brings you here?"
"Just wanted to visit." he replied, "You think your ready to be a father?"
"Nope. Is Piper expecting?"
"Actually, yes. Turns out she was 6 months. I don't know how we didn't notice." (I wanted Annabeth and Percy's kid to be the same age as Piper and Jason's kid. Deal with it.)

Percy laughed. At the party, he did notice Piper looked a little.... plump. Everyone was hitting the wine so hard, it was impossible to notice. Expect Annabeth, she didn't want to drink some for the sake of the baby, neither was Piper. Their wives hadn't drank any wine while Percy and Jason had gone crazy.

Jason laughed and clapped Percy on the back.

"Do you want to do something for today, while the girls are out?"
"Now that you ask, is love to be sampling a few of the kitchen's recipes." Percy replied.
"So be it."

The kings ran to the kitchen, while their queens were out, getting a baby's crib.

Soon Percy and Jason got there. They first stole a blueberry cookie form the plate that was cooling. Percy looked up to see Chef Silena making a cake.

"Silena? You said you had a few recipes you wanted us to try?" Percy asked.
"Yes, of course my king..s"

The dark haired chef pulled out a small cake from the oven. It was a light yellow will some gold drizzle.

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