Chapter 9: Water fights and flashbacks

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Hey guys so this chapter has some more background infor on Isis that IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! So read carefully lol pic on the side is another of Gordon!

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“I didn’t have a chance to fully mourn her! I had no time! So I grabbed some of our family’s coins that Adira and I had saved. It wasn’t much but it got me out of there. I left before dawn and never looked back.” She finished. I felt so stunned! To have to go through that…I shook my head and hugged her close. I felt so much closer to her now and that scared me more than I’m willing to admit.




Chapter 9:


Isis’ POV:



I can’t believe that I just told him that. I felt a little lighter though. It felt nice to share that with someone. I haven’t had a chance to share that since Papillon. All my other masters weren’t concerned with me in any way. I was merely a way to get what they desired. I stood up away from the comfort of his arms.



I couldn’t get attached to him. It hurt enough when I left my best friend. I didn’t want to imagine when I had to say goodbye to another. “Are you done with your fill of this place? I’m ready to go now.” It was so weird to voice my wants out loud. My duty was to please my master no matter what. I’ve even heard of some genies getting used for their bodies. That was one thing I absolutely said no to.




I’ve only ever met two other genie’s in my life. One before I was one myself, and another many years after. She wasn’t pleasant. She was one of the original ones that didn’t need another genie to turn. She’s beautiful to say the least and loves to use that for her own pleasure. She doesn’t care who she beds as long as she gets it. When I met her she looked down her nose at me like I was some kind of bug.



She thought I was a prude. So I called her a whore. That didn’t set well with her so she took away my powers for five hundred years. Which is why I’m so rusty. The only thing I could do was grant wishes but other than that I couldn’t conjure anything, and if I did then it wouldn’t last long. Hazam was the first thing I conjured that stuck. Although I got his color and size wrong he’s still here with me.


I hate that woman. It was her fault my life was so boring in my lamp for the past two-hundred years! Most genies could entertain themselves by building illusions. Like if you wanted to have some sort of interaction with people then you simply make up an illusion. Sure, it’s not real, but it feels, looks, and smells just as real as you can make it to be. It can be a dangerous thing as well. There are some dark genies who’s sole purpose in life is to bring destruction in others lives. They will twist and bend the wills of their masters to make it their own.



How do you think there are wars? Being a genie gives an ability to have slick tongues in persuasion. I’ve only ever had to use that side of me a few times when past masters didn’t take no for an answer. I don’t like to use that persuasive tone though. It brings evil thoughts and it’s seductive. When you use it it’s like a rush through your veins. It gives you a thrill like no other.

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