Chapter 6

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Finally I have an update for you all. I've been waiting to post that speech for months! Let me know what you think. Feel free to message me if you prefer. As always I do not own anything/one except from any OC's.

Runa sat back languidly knowing that she would not have to wait long, one of them would break and considering that it looked like an attack on the originals she was betting on Kol speaking first. Correct again she mused as Kol opened his mouth to talk.

"You see Lia" Kol started mischievously "they were plotting to kill us, we found out and confronted them" he finished almost laughing at the thought of these children hurting him. Runa however was shocked. Her head snapped around to look at the Salvatore's eyes narrowed into slits.

"You were doing what little saviour?" she questioned staring at him intently as if trying to read his mind. Damon was shrinking back before deciding that he had good reason to try to kill them. "Nana, it's not like the idea came from nowhere, they've been wreaking havoc on our lives for a year!" he exclaimed, Stefan jumped in too "Klaus killed Elena's Aunt, then Elena herself. Elijah betrayed us" he continued for his brother.

The Mikaelson trio glanced at each other almost warily, before Runa spoke up cautiously "is that what you call 'wreaking havoc'?" she asked somewhat incredulously "I mean it wasn't nice of them to do but it's not even close to any of them at their worst. "I mean Kol was daggered for multiple reasons, one of which is he compelled the helmsman of the Titanic to carry on and hit the iceberg instead of going around it, that is wreaking havoc" she said rolling her eyes at Kol who was grinning.

Damon and Stefan looked at Kol with new eyes, thinking that maybe they got off lightly. "Wait you killed over one and a half thousand people in one day?!" Stefan demanded outraged with the youngest original who dismissed his question with a proud grin. Damon just stared wide eyed at him wondering how he didn't feel the guilt of all those deaths.

"We're getting off subject, being the originals we are not able to be killed, how were you planning to accomplish this?" she got back on the topic of killing her family.

"We thought about using a witch, or finding a white oak stake" Damon mumbled almost hoping she wouldn't hear he was not that lucky though. "Oh little saviour" she sighed disappointed in her young vampire who looked down ashamed at being the subject of her disappointment, it was not a fun place to be. "I was doing it for Elena, she deserves to be safe from Klaus! I love her" he trailed off hoping to gain her sympathy, that was destroyed when Klaus spoke up.

"Don't leave out all the details mate, you linked us together so that when one dies we all die" his voice was smug having outed Damon's secret. Runa rose and walked to crouch by her little saviour.

"Look at me" she demanded, when he refused she grabbed his chin and pulled him up so their eyes met "Day are you aware that as originals we are the originators of the vampire race and as such when we are killed our sire line dies with us?" he nodded "so you would sentence tens of thousands of vampires to death?" she continued her questioning this time he looked conflicted.

Stefan intervened feeling it unfair that his brother was taking all the blame "we wanted Elena and the rest of Mystic Falls to be safe" he stated but Runa had then heard enough, she stood back up and started pacing before coming to a halt. "Damon I thought you got over the whole 'the woman I love is more important than anyone and everything' I'm truly disappointed that you've reverted to your former ways" Damon looked at her sadly but couldn't really feel bad for what he had been planning.

"Let's move on, you two and your merry band of friends will not be killing my family or you all will face the consequences" she spoke dangerously "I'm leaving, darling" she turned to Kol "would you give me a ride to the mansion? I wish to see Bekah and Eli" he held out his hand in response which she grabbed. They turned and left the room "Niklaus are you coming? We have things to discuss" Klaus followed them immediately, wanting to move on from the anger she felt towards him.

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