chapter 6

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I  sit in my room not doing a lot, I  do some homework and draw I look at my phone it is 3:30pm I two house until he gets here. I take some pine pills like 45 minutes ago so my body does not hert that much anymore, I walk to my bathroom to look at my face, I  see  there is a bruise from Oliver hit this morning. Why does  he have to hit me so hard in the face, my bruise from the last time he hit me in the face just faded away now there is a new one. He need to stop because I have not seen my face with out a bruise for a month. What the fuck is his problem he tells me he loves me and that I can not leave him. But if I do one thing wrong he gets so mad he hits me and if he is sill mad the next day he lets his friends beat me up. Ok I need to stop thinking because I told him that we can talk and also I'm going to give him a chance so I need to stop making my self so mad. I look in the mirror and yep there it is the black and blue bruise under my eye I sigh I I walk back to my room to do some more homework two hours went by when I hear my phone vibrate I pick it up it was Oliver.

Oliver: Hey baby I'm going to be leaving in like five I will pick soming up for dinner ok

Lucks: yeah that sounds good thanks

Oliver: yeah no problem baby

I get up and change my clothes why dose he keep call me baby like nothing happen. Walk out of my room i walk down the stiers to the liveing room i sit on the couch waiting for him. I hear a knock on my frunt door i get up from the couch and I go to the door and open it and I see Oliver with pizza, and flowers,

" hey baby I have theys for you" he handed me the flowers I look up and he is smiling at me

" thanks oliver come in I can put thes in a vase " I step to the side so he can come in and he did we walk to the kitchen he put the pizza on the table and he  sit .I go and grab a vase I put the flowers in it they are rad roses he must've remembered that I love these flowers." Thanks Oliver they really are so beautiful" "not as beautiful as you" he said getting up walking to me. I back away he came close I felt the wall on my back he reaches his hand to my face I flinch." Don't worry love I'm not going to Hurt you" he said with a little Smile he put his hands on my face he was about to kiss me when I pushed him away he got annoyed look on his face. " Why do you push me away I thought we were good" "I told you that we could talk not this if you want to do this you can go home" i yell at him shit I'm going to get it know

" Fine we can talk but do not think that you can snap at me." He yell back at me when he said that  I start shaking Little bit he scares me I don't know if I can do this.

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