Chapter 6

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So. I'm tossing this chapter in with this week's update because for those who dislike such things - this chapter is pretty much the sexy, just FYI.  I didn't want people who skip sex to miss out on a week. Things will go back to the regularly scheduled fairytale bits after this. For a while. Because honestly, this is a story where the girl is in trouble because of a prick and the only way to save the situation is through judicious application of magical semen. You've been warned. 



"All right," I gave in. To him and to myself.

A sense of relief washed over me. Finally.

There's a special sort of insanity to believing in the idea of mates and prophecy. I'd been waiting all those centuries for my mate to show up and essentially destroy my life; in a way it was a relief, similar to those final moments before a test when you just want it to happen so you can get it over with.

I launched myself from his hand and fluttered a few feet away before shifting into my two-legged form.

My mate's eyes widened and two streaks of crimson tinted his cheekbones. A low rumble purred from his chest.

"You are so much more than I ever dared to imagine," he crooned.

Two strides and he scooped me up into his arms. Another few moments and we were back in his room, the door shutting with a distinct thump behind us. A twinge in my stomach reminded me of my previous intent for food and faded just as quickly in the face of desire. Desire that I would finally be able to act upon.

"Are you sure, darling?"

Heat simmered through my veins at the husk of arousal in his voice. I rolled my eyes.

"Now you hesitate?" I asked archly.

He dropped me onto the bed before taking a step back, air rasping from his chest as his hands fisted.

"I don't want to place you in danger. But —"

He dropped his head back and groaned, the sound pure sex.

"But we both know that waiting is impossible," I finished. I knew it. It was why I'd spent most of my adult life doing what I did.

I knelt up on his bed, calmness stealing over me. I'd done the best I could. We all had. And now I had the same choice to make that countless women had made over the years. Even now, there was no guarantee that a woman would survive childbirth. There were always complications, always mishaps, always the Fates and their hands.

"It's my choice, Fenrir, and I make it freely."

His eyes glittered, dragon gold burning through the warm whiskey of his human eyes. "Freely," he laughed softly. "As if there were such a thing."

I lifted my chin and brushed my hair back over my shoulders, placing my nudity on full display. "It is what we do with what we have that gives us true freedom, no?" I wanted this male and I wanted a child and I wasn't willing to wait any longer for some perhaps chance of escaping Fate.

Another tormented rasp of breath and he lunged forward, pushing me onto my back and caging me with his body. He buried his face in the curve of my neck and breathed deep.

The fire in my core burned hotter at the touch of his breath against too-sensitive skin. I lifted my arms and wove the fingers of one hand into the hair at his nape, fisting a handful of his shirt with the other.

I'd found my mate and I wasn't about to have him ripped from me, Fate or no Fate, prophecy be damned.

"Adora," he murmured against my skin, laying a open-mouthed kiss where my pulse beat hard and fast.

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