Chapter Sixteen:

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Ruka (1)

"There's the intruder!"

I shot up from the cushion I was laying on and turned to my side. Katara wasn't next to me like how she was last night.

As I stood up, Haru came into the small "shelter" Katara, me, and other earth benders were sleeping in.

"It's Katara and your brother. They're in trouble."

I widened my eyes, running past him and soon he was following me.

Guards were surrounding my two siblings who were back to back. The guards had out their spears pointed to them.

"Katara, stop! You can't win this fight!" Tyro told her.

"Katara, what are you doing?! Are you trying to get yourself killed?! We have no water, and there is no earth here!" I yelled over to her. "So just stop this right now!"

I looked to Sokka and he mouthed, "Trust me." I shook my head slowly.

The warden walked closer to her, "Listen to them well, child. You're one mistake away from dying where you stand.

The guards started to walk in on them. "No!" Before I can run over to them, Tyro grabs onto my arm.

Then, the ground slowly started to shake and when I looked to the vent my siblings were standing next to, I see little pebbles of coal flying out.

Then, all at once, a stream of coal came flying up from the vent, Aang following after with coal dust all over him. He coughed it off.

Katara ran up onto the coal pile and picked up a rock, "Here's your chance earth benders, take it! Your fate is in your own hands!"

Haru took a step forward but his father stopped him. When no one took action, I groaned, joining my sister on the coal pile.

"Now you're just being pathetic!" I yelled to them. I picked up a rock and threw it to Haru and when he caught it, he looked down at it then back up to me. "This is your one chance to get out of here and reunite with your families, and you're just going to stand there as if this is brand new?! Take charge Earth benders, or you'll never see your family again!"

Some of the earth benders backed away from the coal. Behind us, the warden started to laugh loudly, "Foolish girls! You thought that your inspirational words and coal would change these people? Look at these blank, hopeless faces!"

I pointed my finger to him, "That's not true! They are strong, and brave, and their hearts and spirits are devoted to their kingdom! Things you will never achieve!"

"Their spirits broke along time ago! Ohhh, but you still believe in them. How sweet."

"You're damn right we do!" I replied. "They're a waste of your energy little girls. You failed." The warden said before turning away and walking away from us.

"You little bastard." I muttered to myself. "Ruka." I turned my head and Haru threw me a rock. I caught and he nudged his head to the warden. I smirked, nodding.

We both threw our rocks to the warden and they successfully hit him in the head. He turned around, grumbling in anger.

Haru and I were side by side now. He was twirling three pieces of coal in the air with his fingers.

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