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~Chapter Five~

~Sophies P.O.V.~

"-No! If you were the one that wouldn't spend all the money that I make we wouldn't have this problem!"

"You? You don't make all the money? I think you forgot that I work full time too! And if you would pay more attention, you would know that I spent that money on your daughter for clothes. She is growing and needs new clothes."

"My daughter? She's just your daughter as much as mine, if not more!"

"Well, if she was my daughter I wouldn't let her dress the way she does! Do you see the way she looks? She's a nerd! If you would pay attention to her you would see that she needs help! But you're to busy with your 'work'!"


"I'm leaving for the night! I hope you're happy Charlotte!"

I hear the door slam and my mom crying.

It's like this almost every night. Fight, crash, leave, and cry. That's how it has always been since I was little. And it's usually always about me.

'She's a nerd!'

'She needs help!'

'It's nice to know what you think about me mom!' I say to myself inside my head.

I look over to the clock.

4.23 AM

And Yes, Mom and dad fight until four thirty in the morning.

I turn over on my side and decide I need to go sleep that way I can concentrate in school.

My eyes start to feel heavy and I fall asleep...But not before I hear Mom saying 'She's a Nerd' One more time.


"Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!"

I sigh and turn my alarm clock off.

Another day, Another pain.

I stand up, and stretch.

I leave my room and head down the hallway and enter the bathroom.

I strip my pajamas off and get into the shower.

The shower is one of the place's that I feel safe. It is the place where I explore my thoughts.

After I shampoo and condition my hair, I turn the shower off, open the curtain, and step out. I dry myself off and wrap the towel around my body and walk out of the bathroom and go to my room.

When I get  inside of my room, I go to my dresser and pick out a bra and matching underwear. After putting that on, I pick out a long jean skirt that goes past my feet, it's my favorite skirt, and a plain green T-shirt that used to be my big brother Matt's shirt.

Matt is twenty five years old which is eight years older then me. Mom had him when she was sixteen. He is currently married and his wife is five months pregnant.

I miss Matt...A lot. He was more a Father to me then my own Dad is.

I put on my clothes and glasses, and look at myself in the mirror.

I see a short girl,with long, dark blond, almost brunette hair, that has bright green eyes. She has glasses and has stupid pimples on her face.

The girl looks really shy.

It's exactly who I am.

I brush my hair and put it up into a bun.  This is how I always look.

I look at myself in the mirror and smile a shy smile.

"Well, this is it." I tell myself quietly. "Another day, Another pain."

I look at the clock.

7:36 AM

Time to get to school.


"Hey Honey."

I look up from the ground to meet my Mom's bright smile.

 I smile a small smile."Hi, Mom."

I see her look that she gives me everyday.

The look of disappointment.

"When are you going to break this phase that you're going through? And be a normal girl?"

I shrug my shoulders. I really don't want to go through this again today.

She sighs and looks back at her magazine that she was reading before I came in the kitchen.

I pick up an apple from the bowl on the table and leave. I haven't see Dad so I'm guessing he hasn't come home yet.

And I didn't miss that Mom didn't say bye to me.

I walk outside and wait for the bus to come.

I wish I had a car...then I wouldn't have to wait so long for the bus.

When the bus pulls up, I enter and sit in the back. Away from everyone and everything.


I'm a little worried about whats going to happen with Chris, Ian, Zack, And Mike. I tried to calm Gabe down yesterday, but it didn't really work well...

~Flash Back to yesterday.~

"Fine it was Ian, Zack, Chris, and Mike."

"I knew it was them! I'm going to beat them till they can't breathe! They aren't even going to know what happened!" He started to walk to the door but I stopped him.

"No! It's okay. I'm fine. Please don't get into anymore fights! Please!"

His face softened but his face was still red. He let out a long deep breathe. "Sophie, I can't just let this go. You are my best friend and no one can do this to you. I am going to get them back so they won't do it again."

He walked out of the door before I could stop him.

~End Of Flashback~

So you see why I'm a little nervous.

The bus pulls up outside of the school and the kids pile out of the bus.

"Don't run! Not so fast there kid! I'm going to tell your teacher!" I hear the bus driver yelling at kids.

After I finally get off the bus, I start walking towards the school.

Guess who's waiting for me right outside the school doors?

That's right.

Zack, Ian, Mike, and Chris.

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