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My mom and I had arrived at her boyfriend's house and might I say, this house looks amazing.

I can't believe he lives here. And I'm going to live here.

"How did he get this place", I ask.

"He used to be a Youtuber and as he got bigger he decided to have his own big company. It got huge over the last 2 years", my mom explains.

"Interesting", I say.

We park in front of the house with a roundabout driveway.

We get out the car and as I was about to open the trunk, when the front doors open.

I look and see a handsome guy walk out the door and walking right towards my mom and I.

He had short curly hair with a purple streak in it. A sharp jawline, plump pink lips that look so kissable. His arms were very muscular.

Looks like every girl's dreamboy.

Another thing I notice about him is that he looks so young.

He looks about around my age. He looks about 19-21.

My mom is 33 years old.

My thoughts are interrupted as I see my mom run up to him and kiss him on the lips.

I just stand there staring as they almost try to swallow eachother.


"Eh hem", I clear my throat.

They both unlatched their lips and looked at me laughing.

"Sorry", they say.

"Kendall-Rose, this is Ethan, Ethan this is my daughter, Kendall-Rose", my mom says introducing us.

"Hi, your mom has told me so much about you. You look just like her. Beautiful", he smiles.

I blush

"Thank you", I smile.

"Anytime", he says.

"We should start unpacking, shall we", my mom says.

"Yeah", Ethan and I say.

《1 Hour Later》

After taking the boxes out of the car and U-Haul, Ethan showed me my room.

It had rose gold walls with white, gold, and rose gold marble floor. I see a queen sized bed with silk rose gold sheets, white satin pillows, and a rectangular white tufted headboard, with small diamonds outlining it.

The bed also has a white chaise at the foot of the bed.

I look to a wall and see sliding mirror doors.

I walk over to it and slide it open thinking it's one of those small sliding closets, when really it was a walk in closet.

Of course it was empty, but when I put my clothes in it, it will be full of cute clothes.

I turn to the other side of the room and notice a flatscreen TV connected to the wall with a dresser under it.

I look next to to see a pair of white double doors with golden doorknobs.

I open the doors to see a beautiful bathroom, but the floor has black, gold, and white marble to it.

There was a overhead shower with a glass door.

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