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The night brushes past us as I speed away. I still can't comprehend that that woman is my mother.

Alive and well, but letting me believe that she's dead for years.

I squeeze my eyes shut for a moment and rub my face. She ruined my life.

"Don't you think that was a bit... Harsh?" comes a soft voice next to me and I almost drive off the road.

I gape at her in surprise. "What?! You can't be fucking serious."

"I'm just saying. She seemed pretty devastated at your reaction, Harry." she continues to defend her.

I groan. "I can't fucking believe that you're defending her right now. That woman ruined my fucking life, Soph! I had to learn how to live by myself at 16 years old! My family hates me because they think I killed them! I almost had to go to jail because of her! Do you know how much more fucked-up I am because of that woman!? How much I cried!? And you're defending her!?" I pull in Sophie's driveway and lean my head on the wheel when I park.

I can hear her sigh next to me and then feel her soft hand rubbing circles on my back. "I'm sorry, I understand where you're coming from. She just seemed really sad to me, I don't know. I can't undeestand that my kind boss would do something like that."

I snort. "That's because you always choose to ignore the bad side of people. Some are just fucked up and there's nothing you can do about it."

I think she rolls her eyes but I let it go. For now.

"What am I supposed to do now? How am I supposed to act in work?"

My head snaps up. She can't be serious.

"Tell me you're joking, please. Tell me you're not seriously meaning to go back to work for that bitch."

She winces at the lovely nickname and starts looking at everywhere but me, telling me that that's exactly what she's planning to do.

"Sophie, I don't give a shit about your job right now. You're not working for her anymore." I try to get it through her thick skull but I know quite fucking well that she's not going to let it go so fucking easily.

She sighs again and grabs the door handle. "Look, I'll let you cool off, okay? I have a really important test tomorrow and I really need to practice a bit more. Will you sleep in my house or-"

"No, I'll just crash at a hotel tonight." I need to cool off.

She gulps and presses her lips to mine for a short moment. "Please, please don't do anything stupid. I just got you back." she says and I nod shortly, then watch her leave my car and wait until she enters the house.

When she does, I sigh and rub my face again. I shouldn't but... I really need a few drinks.

There's nothing but my mum on my mind and how I want to bash her face in.

Women. They've ruined me completely.

In a quick decision and with guilt and anger on my mind, I drive to the nearest bar.

A couple of drunks later and already fucked up mind, my phone begins to ring.

Shit, it's probably her. What do I do?

My shaky hands pull out my phone and surprisingly, it's not her.

It's Greyson.

I pick up the phone and bring it to my ear. "Why the fuck are you calling me?" I groan.

"Shut your pathetic ass up, Styles. I need to see you. Come to the woods."

I roll my eyes. "Nope, sorry, can't do that right now."

I can hear him take a deep breath. "I heard you've been seeing your girl lately again. I might want to finish what I started those long months ago."

I roll my eyes. "These don't work for me anymore, dickhead. We're not together anymore. I don't know where you heard the fucking news, but you're wrong."

He can't know we're back together.

"You're bluffing, Styles. One of my guys happens to be her classmate. I wouldn't play with fire. Come the fuck here?"

I grit my teeth and grip my phone harder, immediately knowing who his guy is. Of course they'd never stop checking on her, even when we were done. And what's better than having your guy come to her as close as possible?

"Tom." I grit out and Greyson starts laughing.

"I know you're in Spokane. You have three hours to come here." then he hangs up and I throw my glass against the bar.

With nothing else to do, I stand up, get in my fucking car and start driving back to that goddamned fucking town.


Short, but sweet with a bit of a plot twist! I promise the next chapter will be longer!

Love, P.❤

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