Chapter 18

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Ugh u can't believe farkle why would he do that to me peaches. I don't know riles he doesn't deserve you and the baby. Yea I guess your right have you josh. Actually I did. What did he say. That he will help me and stay with the baby he said he wants it. Awwww at least the your baby father wants to help out your lucky. So are you don't need farkle I know sometime in the future he would want to help. No he won't i know he want he said he don't care. Well I know you still like him but you don't need him. I know smackle has been so nice she's been talking to us lately and she told me that farkle is going to hell. She dose have a point about that I didn't want to tell u this but farkle has a girlfriend. To be honest I don't really care about him. You have zay and Lucas were going to help u through this. Thanks y'all are so sweet and nice. Well have one little problem. What did you do. I told josh then he told me Matthews and Mrs Matthews. What you told josh what did he say she did he do. Well he said he was gonna fight him and he bowed out his fist and he was finna leave into I told him not to plus he would have gone to jail. Awww that's sweet what did my mom and dad say. Your dad was upset he was cussing. Your mom was saying that I know that farkle will come to help our daughter I know he will. Oh well we all know what's going down today. Yup and it ain't finna be pretty. Where's Lucas and zay. Oh Lucas is with his girlfriend. Zay he is doing him. Oh well that's cool. They been pretty mad I have to calm Lucas sometimes not to turn to Texas Lucas. Zay has been acting different wanting to fight farkle. Well farkle has a girlfriend wait until my mom and dad and josh hear this. Umm riles they already know right now. Wait how well they are working here to make sure we're ok. Awwwww that's sweet if them. Your family is cool. Peaches u Lucas zay and smackle are part of my family y'all are family to. Really awww that's so sweet. Y'all always been my family u thought you knew. No I didn't now I know your my family as well. Will we be best friends forever or will we lose each other. I don't know riles but I'm thinking that we may be best friends forever I don't know we just have to see. Yea I guess your right I don't want to lose you. I don't want lose you too your my sister. Your my sister to no matter what we're going up so fast like we're pregnant and we're only like 15. Yea you got that right but I think every thing is going to be ok. Well not for me but maybe in the future it will. Hey riles how you been. Well thanks for asking Lucas I been fine how you been. No good at all I'm turning into Texas Lucas so fast. Well you better not. I stronger then maya but she pick up some weight when she jumps on me I fall. See that's what's good about being pregnant I'm stronger then Lucas. It's true and I hate it oh yea I forgot to telll you missy said congrats on y'all pregnancy. Tell her thanks and she has changed what did you have to do. Oh let me get this one he taze her. Haha very funny but I was about to. Thank god you didn't. Hey may how you been. I been good good zay how about you. I been good hey sugar how you been. I been good zay you look happy today. Well I'm not today is gonna be funny. Zay what did you do this time. Well I hired your family to come teach in farkle classes. Wow that's a good idea but how. I ask the principal and he said yes. Wow that went easy then I thought. Speaking of the fuck boy here he comes. Hey maya how is your pregnancy been going did josh leave you slut. How you been farkle or should I call you a fuck boy. Well well if it isn't I don't want to be a mother. How you been farkle have you been sleeping lately. Wow those hormones has got worse. Ugh what do you want. I want to borrow Riley for a minute. Why should we let you borrow her. Guys it's fine just stay here and maya would you calm Lucas down just try not to kill him or do I don't care. Hey that was mean. I'm joking. So what do you want. Damn baby it's like that now. Yes it is now what do you want. Oh I want that body of yours. Why do you have to choose me. Because you have a good body and it works on me better. So you came her for my body not to help me with this kid. I don't want to be a father. Well you don't have to but this is still your kid. .............TO BE CONTINUED

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