i was raped by my older brother ON HOLD!!

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hello my name is jennifer and i am a happy girl well was that lives in new jersey and i have a mom who works arond the world so i dont see her much but talk to all the time on the phone and on skype with her and my dad works with my mom so its the same with him and i am twelve but dont worry i dont stay home alone i have mark my older brother hes seventeen almost eighteen but not quite its sad we dont get along though if we would have maybe none of this would have happend he used to be nice and we got along but then he changed and got new friends that happened after my parents got there job so they dont know now mark drinks alot dont ask me were he gets the drinks because i dont know...my brother wont ever be the same hes messed up he is permantly damaged something happend he doesnt want to change even if he could though my brother has a discusting mind because of his change he raped me heres the story were my brother ruined me.

mom?i said through the phone. hi i said. hi sweetheart she answered can i call you back im in a meeting?she asked oh ya sure .i said ok ya love you bye. i hung up my phone and walked down staires mark was outside i ran in the kitchen ducking under the sink but peeking over not wanting to talk to him the door burst open with mark suckiing some girls face i gasped quietly when i saw they had on no clothes and they were doing the nasty while he was standing and she had her legs around his hips i quickly ducked not wanting my twelve year old eyes to be completly ruined. i creeped quietly to anoother room and slowly opened the window then i jumped out then slowly i closed it and i started to run trying to get out of the place oh i remebered Gavin i turned around and ran back to my street then went next door to fourteenteen year old Gavins home i knocked the door and waited until the door opened showing Gavins beautiful face he probably noticed how pale my face was because he immediatly asked whats wrong? it its mark i said.Come in Gavin said its probably bad. i explained that when i was looking over the sink i saw mark and a girl thats when i hesitated umm wearing no uh clothes and they were um... doing ...something not good i said they were he asked staring his piercing blue eyes into mine ya i answered oh he said well i can ask my mom if you can sleep over he said Can i? i asked relived hold on he said running upstairs a few minutes later he was down stairs saying that i could thanks i said he nodded hhhhgggg i yawned sleepily what time is it?i asked he looked at the stove timer 11:00 pm he said ok well do you mind if i go to sleep? no no he said i got up going to the couch jennifer he called i looked at him seeing him roll his eyes thats were im sleeping your sleeping inmy room. he said no i said im not taking your bed i said walking again towards the couch i heard him walking towards me and was surprised when he lifted me and put me on his sholders and carried me to his rooms door no i said i am not sleeping in there walking again he grabed my rist opened the door, pulled me in locked the door, then stepped out shutting it i sighed guess thats finnal i went to the bed and instently fell asleep when i woke up it was '10:00 in the morning i slowly got up then walked out then downstairs Gavin was watching tv ok thanks for letting me sleep over oh tell your mom that too and im ganna go on home are you sure? he asked ya i said thanks again bye. ok bye jennifer. i walked outside and glanced at my arms when he said my name it gave me chills i rubbed my arms then went to the window that was still unlocked from yestrerday i pushed it oened to find myself being pulled in whereve you been i heard a drunken voice ask i looked down at my feet i was at Gavins i said why? i heard him ask to swap spit with him? ew i said. no. why would i do that i asked looking at him cause your ganna turn into that girl i got it on with last night. he said No.i said sternly i will not im not like her and im not like you i said walking past him i heard him mumble soon enough i got chills at the thought thats scary. i thought i walked upstaires and got on my computer whats this? i thought there was a story about a girl who was raped i quickly closed it wered that come from i clicked on history playboy playboy naked girl playboy technickes for the naughty i stopped looking what is wrong with mark why was he on my computer looking at this stuff i clicked on new internet button and typed in babydow and then after that i went to addicting games then poptropica then club penguin then i looked at the time 3:00 wow how did that happened? i heared a knock at my door what? i screamed at mark the door opened i grabbed the nearest thing near me whick was a staplor and stood quickly and turned around to find that it wasnt mark it was Gavin who looked surprised with his hands in the air i sighed with relife putting my staplor weapon down that bad he asked? yep i said.howd you get in? i asked. the front door.he answered grining oh well thats great well what do need? you left your phone he said. oh shoot i did? he handed it to me thanks i said well did you see mark out there? i asked. he went to the door and opened and i heard a bed creaking and allot of moaning and gasping i got a discusted look on my face and told him to shut the door hes so gross i said. i mean every night its a different girl.i said ya well i guess im ganna head home he said. ok i said turning to my computer bye.i said bye he responded leaving and shutting my door i pressed my head to my desk and sighed and got up to watch a movie on my TV after i choose to watch forest gump i layed down on my bed and watched it untill about eight thirty when it ended i switch the channel to wizards of waverly place and watched four episodes to 10:30 were i got up bored and went down staires not even thinking about mark i sat on the couch and fell asleep untill i was awoken from shyness when i felt a hand on my breast my eyes slammed open to find a naked mark sitting on top of a naked me how did he get off my clothes he also had some how managed to move me to his room which i had never seen before it had a remote to change the lightness of the room he had it dimmed with music playing his room had sex toys,everything i was shocked into silence where i was back when i saw him bend down and kiss and more to my breast i was shivering scared to death i started to scream but something covered my mouth....it was marks mouth he inserted his tongue then kissed me then i was going to scream when something else covered my mouth i didnt know what it was he scooted down and positioned himself between my legs mmmm i tried to scream as tears trailed down my face no no no i thought im only twelve i felt him start to move up it would hurt he had a big thing he then pushed somehow inside me mmmmm i screamed tears pouring out it hurt so bad that i felt dizzy at least he had on pertecton i could feal the protection on my older brothers thing as it pushed harder in to me he started to thrust as it swam in me i arched my body in pain why? i thought. because its mark my brain answered for me.i felt him push harder i started to faint as my face fell side ways the thing covering my mouth fell off and out of my mouth GAVIN HELP ME THIS IS JENNIFER HELP ME i screamed at the window where Gavin lived stay awake i thought i heard mark wisper noone will help you then he shoved the thing that was probably a cloth back in my mouth and thrusted again about two minutes later i saw a blurry light come through then i blinked to see gavins shadow onthe wall all he could see was marks back and naked butt mark turned and pulled out while i pulled a thin blanket over my body then mark stood and when i thought he would atack Gavin he pushed open the window and jumped i knew Mark was okay because he knew how to land i was still crying when i felt Gavin pick my body with only a thin blanket covering it carried me downstaires where he asked are you okay? did he hurt you? then floods of questions came as he ran us to his house but i wasnt awake to hear more then two questins because i finnally fainted when i woke up i had a thick blanket covering me but that was it with Gavin starring at me.

ok well thats chapter one i hope you like it i dont know how to make a new page for the second chapter but thats okay ill just write it after this one i know its a sad story but i think you will like it it does get better but jennifer is messed up so ya coment and ill try to write soon! bye

hi sorry for the wait and i know it was kinda one of those cliff hangers sorry i hate those i just really needed to go and again sorry i dont think i can right much sinc my friend and i have to baysit her younger brother and i need to watch this one haha but ya ao enjoy the much that ihave time to weite :)

Are you ok? Gavin asked. I didnt answer. i continued to stare at him. Were did I get this blanket from? I heard a hoarse voice that was my own say. Gavin who seemed surprised at my voice said,I put it on you because you were cold. Were did the other blanket go? I asked. Your still wearing it.He said.What i asked hoarsely? i uhh didnt know what to do i mean i didnt want to just kind of strip it off of you it was all you had on so i figured when you woke up that i would give you some of my clothes for uh now?he said. i nodded. Well may i have them now?i asked. Sure Gavin said jumping up really quick. I flinched with surprise. Oh sorry he said. Again i stopped answering and stared off into space. a few minutes later Gavin had a shirt and pants for me. Thanks i said. hmmhm he said. walking past me. As he walked past me his leg brished my arm making me cring back he didnt notice though as he sat in a different chair i got up with the blanket still around me and went to the bathroom to change when i was done i went back out and sat on the couch opisite from Gavin. Now what he said? I thought for a moment call your mom? I already did they called the police and their looking for them actually i was supposed to call when you woke up and let them talk to you but i ..Let me talk to them now i interupted i want to get it over with.He stared at me wierd probably since i never interupte people. He sighed.

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