-Bestfriend- Matthew Espinosa (ON - GOING)

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Czarina's POV:

I was just scrolling some photos on IG then I was kinda shocked on what my Best friend, Matt, asked "Do you still trust me,right?" then I just nodded without looking at him. "if then so, do I have something to know that I don't even know yet?" then I looked at him. he's was so serious. I never saw him like that. we already knew each other since we were young so I feel like I'm not comfortable with him right now. "What are you talking about?" I asked him and I raised my eyebrows. "Why you didn't told me that you have boyfriend?" he asked. I didn't look at him. I just bowed my head. "Look at me, Jack told me awhile ago. Do you still trust me? I won't even get mad and we'll keep this as a secret ,Okay?" then he smiled. I hugged him tightly and said "Thanks"


Everything was going fine...

But I feel like everything was changed. In the morning, Jack picks me up in the park because he might be get caught if he'll pick me up in our house. And in the school, he's my seatmate. He bought me also food if he wants. Then he drove me in the afternoon. That was just the cycle of our life everyday.

I feel so bad for Matt. I just saw him once a day and he was just lonely. I want to be with him for a while but then he go away. I texted him but he replied me with "Idkttyl (I don't know talk to you later)". I went to his house once but his mom said be went out. I just wanna know what's the problem with him?!


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