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"You Make it sound so simple."

"That's because I want it to be." I snuck a smile at him, andopened the door to my room, I snuggled into bed, and covered Trayton with all of my blankets and my lifesized stuffed animal horse. "Now, Don't move!" I told him, and closed my eyes, waiting for Dayton.

Then, when I was about to think he wasn't going to come, it got cold. He had appeared in my room. "Emilee? Babe, I'm sorry." Day said, and then pushed the blanket off of the bed, and Trayton gave a little yelp. "What was that?" Day asked me, but I just grabbed him, and held on, tighly, so he couldn't get away. Trayton got out from under the blankets, and got wide-eyed when he saw Dayton. "Why is that creep in here, Emilee?! Let me go, now!"

"Day, just, do you want to help your mom or not?!" I yelled, still holding onto Dayton as tight as I possibly could.

When I said that, he stopped struggling alltogether, and collapsed on the floor. "How?" He asked.

"Well, we get her off of drugs. I don't exactly know how rite at the moment, but we'll work something out." Trayton said, as I stroked Dayton's arm. "Dayton, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for spreading all of those rumors. I didn't know what I was talking about. And even if you had wanted to, which I know that you did, you couldn't have saved your brother."

Dayton looked at Trayton for a long while, then stood up. Trayton kind of sank down, for he was scared of Day, but Dayton didn't do anything. All he did was stick his arm out so Trayton could shake his hand. Trayton took Daytons hand firmly and shook it. Then they did the gansta hug and nodded at eachother.

For just a minute there, it felt like Dayton was his old self again, and it felt like he was really there, and not just a ghost. It felt like I was where I wanted to be in this world. I wanted it to be true. I wanted to just float away on a cloud with Trayton and Day. But when I realised that I couldn't, a tear came out of my eye. "Emilee, why are you crying?" Trayton and Dayton asked me at the same time.

I laughed. "I just love seeing you guys not fighting." then they both chuckled, and Trayton said something. "What did you say?" I asked.

"I said 'let's go help Daytons mom.'"

A day later.

We were trying to figure out a way to help Daytons mom. Day wasn't here because he had passed out in exhaustion, and dissapeared completly. So I was alonn with Trayton thinking of ideas. Then Trayton yelled "I have the greatest idea ever! We kill her!" I rolled my eyes.

"That's not funny, Trayton." I rolled my eyes again and got back to thinking. "Wait. Trayton, what if Dayton doesn't want to leave?" I asked.

"Good point, because he doesn't know that we're doing this so he can go into the light. But he does need to go. He's been dead for like, a couple weeks, right?" I nodded. "So he's like, way over due for his appointment in seeing God." I stopped Trayton.

"I don't know what its called, but people go there to get better... uh... It's on the tip of my tounge, and it- it starts with an R. Uh...." I knew what to do with Day's mom, but I didn't remember what it was called.

"Uh....." Trayton thought. "Rehab?"

"Yes! Rehab! We could put he in Rehab and she could get all better!" What a great idea! I thought to myself.

"It's a good idea and all, but what about all of her children?"

"Well, they could stay with my mom and me until she gets out."

Day appeared and we told him our idea.

"It-It's a great idea, but one problem," Day said shaking his head. "She'll never agree to it."

"But what if she knows you're here? And what if she knows you want her to do that?" I asked hoping this plan would work because it was the bes out of all of the other plans.

"What if, what IF, WHAT IT?! She'll still never agree to it because she'll think she's blaized. Sooo no to that plan I guess..." Day concluded still agitated. He began to pace the room thinking very hard of a plan.

"I GOT IT!" Trayton yelled.

"What?" Dayton questioned.

"I suggested this to Emilee earlier but she said it wasn't funny. I didn't mean to make it funny though. It was a serious suggestion. WE KILL YOUR MOTHER." Trayton looked around the room to see if anybody liked the idea.

I just sat there looking at Trayton and shaking my head. Dayton scowled and glared at Trayton. "You moron," Day said. "That will probably just make me go to hell not the light."

"Wait," I asked. "Do you know why we are doing this?"

Dayton sighed "Yes I know why you're doing this. I know you guys want me to leave, and I don't necissarily want to leave, but I kind of want to see my brother."

"But, Dayton. That's like, the best plan that we have had. Rehab helps people. We don't have to tell her that you're still here, but we do need to get her into Rehab. Me and my mom could take care of your siblings, and it would all be okay. See?"

"Ugh." Day looked down. "We start tomorrow."


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