Chapter 17

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Dose it look like I need pills. Um riles calm down honey. Ugh fine you need to get Lucas before I kill him. Would y'all let her kill me. Well she dose have a point. Hey farkle. I'm going with farkle. Oh course maya would go with farkle. Same here. Out of of the people really smackle zay u turning on me. Zay when riles at your cookie he said he was glad. No u didn't Riley killed him now. Ugh fine someone get me a knife. Are u actually doing this right now. Oh course they don't care and they want me to. Riles don't kill him. I don't want to. Hey I'm pretty sure people would want to kill me. Sure they will. Maya and Lucas fighting I like it. They like each other. I have a girlfriend. And who would that be. Well y'all would be mad here it goes missy. What Riley kill him now. No guys stop we should be happy for him. Oh really she is using him. Maya u don't have to be jealous because I'm not dating u. Like I would want to date ur ugly as anyway. She dose have a point. Riley who is ur type. I'm not telling u. Let's play truth or dare. Sure let me start. Ok go I don't like this idea but go. Riley truth or dare. Um truth. Is it true that u ever took a ex friends boyfriend. Umm yes. Ok my turn Farkle truth or dare. Um truth. Who was the last girl that u had sex with and u can't lie. Duh it smackle. My turn. Lucas truth or dare. I pick dare. I dare u to kiss riles for five minutes. If u make him kiss me I will kill u zay. Riles he has to do it. Well he can't. Why not farkle. Because she don't want to kiss him. Are u getting mad farkle. No the hell not it's dumb and he's not kissing her. But I have to. It looks like someone is mad. I'm not mad it  stupid. Lucas just do it. Are u sure u want to do this. It's not the first time I made out with her. Fine then go. Maya truth are dare. Ugh truth. Is it true that ur pregnant. I think we should stop playing this game. Why riles um less ur protecting her. She is not pregnant. Ugh smackle I told u not to say anything rude to her and to be quiet. Wait u know she is pregnant. Well duh she ate like she never ate before. The final question is who is the farther. It is none of ur business to know. Riles u knew about this. Yes of course she is my best friend. Well the final question is I know Riley is pregnant too. What out of all of us Riley would get pregnant I never seen that coming. Oh and who's the farther. None of ur business. I know who the father is. Zay what are u doing. I'm doing the right thing. It me I'm the farther. What so zay is the farther. Umm yes he is surprise. Zay u don't have to cover up. Smackle I'm the farther I was cheating on u with Riley for a long time. What I knew something was up with all of u and zay really u didn't even tell me I'm out I don't want to talk to y'all and maya's baby farther is Riley uncle josh I hate all of y'all congrats sluts now only ur pregnant ur a hoe boyfriend stealer. Smackle it wasn't her idea it was mine I'm the one that told her to do this. Oh really I'm sorry riles farkle go to hell and burn. So when we're u planing to tell me I'm the farther. I don't know. Well I don't want to be a farther. And I don't want be a mother!!!!!!!!!. U know what I'm not helping u with the baby at all u can raise it on ur own. Yo what the fuck man is ur problem it's not her fault. Dude he's right if ur not helping her then me and Lucas are not ur friends. Yea know one hurts my peaches I'm not your friend either. U act like I care about y'all being my friend I have friends. Fine let's go and never come back here again. Yea u let's go. I don't care y'all can go

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