“I wanna have sex.” Those four words left Colleen's mouth and we all went quite, staring at her in shock. Her cheeks blushed up as she continued to slowly slice the knife down the cucumber. It was Colleen, me, Haley, and Victoria. We were making lunch for everyone when she suddenly came out and said that.

“What?” Victoria asked.

Colleen snorted, “Don’t sound like that, Tori. You heard me, I want to have sex, but I need both of your guy's advice.” she said.

“Are you sure, Col?” Haley asked. “I mean, look at the results of having sex.” she said, waving around her stomach four month stomach.

“Haley, I’m being serious.” Colleen said. “Yes, I’m sure. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and no, Tristan has not been pressuring me. When we’re kissing, I can’t help but feel so turned on by it and I want to go further, but I was never sure before, but now I do. I want to. But since I don’t have my mom here to talk to, I need your guy’s help since ya’ll already had sex.”

“Okay,” Victoria said, leaning on the counter. “Shoot, ask us anything.”

Colleen put the knife down and turned, “How bad does it hurt down there?”

“Like sand paper is being rubbed down there.” Victoria quickly said. Colleen face turned to horror, Haley gave her a disbelief look and shook her head, and my nose scrunched up at the thought.

“Don’t listen to her,” Haley said. “It hurts, yes. But just make your he goes slow and if it gets to a point where you can’t do it no more, tell him to get out. It’ll hurt a few more times after, but then before you know, it’s like pure heaven.”

“Would I start to cry?” she asked.

“Depends.”, Victoria said. “I didn’t, I was more cursing my head off and letting all the pain Shay gave me onto his back by scratching him.” All of us gave her a disbelief look and she grinned, “What? If I had to be in pain, so did he.”

“Next,” Haley said. “Protection, make sure he wears a glove. Like that saying, no glove, no love. And birth control must be a must!” Haley and Victoria went on and on about having sex for the first time.

I pretty much zoned out as I made grilled cheeses.


I held a piece of grilled cheese out for Tyler and he took it. He laid down on my side as he ate the piece. I smiled and patted the top of his head. Scott had his arm around me and I laid on his side on the couch. Pretty tight space, but I didn’t mind at all.

We heard running down the stairs and a jump, “Sky, can you take me to the mall?” Jaime asked as he walked over behind the chair Skyler and Haley were at. He crossed his arms over it and leaned down, “I need a ride down there because I’m meeting up with some of the guys and this chick name Sophia. Woo, man, you should see her.”

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