Part 2

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(Springtrap's POV)
I watched him as he drew closer, his red blazing eyes shooting into my soul, churning all my rabbid emotions. I smiled as i noticed the microphone seemingly glued tight to his paw, as his eagerness for a show beamed brightly. "Hmmmm is it a show you be wantin'. I mused as he glared at me, his smile growing wider. "Yes.... a rather jazzy show indeed i be wantin'." He mocked as he turned around and straightened up his neat looking purple bow-tie. I sighed knowing that i would have to get ready for ANOTHER show, but these weren't as kid friendly as the ones in Fredbear's Diner. You see this place is a jazz bar me and Fred invented to 'entertain' the other animatronics, i enjoy it but the nights do seem to drag a little and the constant sound of my saxophone do get rather annoying AND CATCHY.

(Fredbear's POV)
I eyed Springtrap up, un-amused by his constant 'cocky-ness'. I noticed him getting up and holding up his saxophone, i stopped him, straightening his appearance up a little and slightly tightening his black bow-tie. He gagged, holding his hands up to his throat as if he was choaking. I glared at him, baring my sharp teeth and pointy tounge warning him to stop acting foolish and just get out there and perform. I sighed as i watched him vansish from behind the curtain, his beautifully poised notes from his sax perfectly timed and tuned, creating a warm feeling to the building as he began to play.
I gulped as i pulled the curtain back and stood up infront of the audiance, their eagle eyes scanning for any in-perfections, i held my microphone tight and drew it up close to my lips. I waited for Springtrap's que and as soon as i heard it i began to sing, lowering my voice to match the jazzy notes.

(Springtrap's POV)
I watched Fredbear as he walked up onto the stage, eyeing me up as he waited for my que. I tensed up knowing that if i did something wrong the whole show could be a bust, but i just kept on blowing, easing myself down as i heard him begin to sing. His voice was sooooo dreamy and the way he lowered it to make it match my notes made me melt. I tore your eyes away from his vision and began look at the crowd, identifing some people i knew. For example the purple bunny waving his hands around like a freak, he's called Bonnie The Bunny but we all just call him Bonnie. And next to him the yellow bird which is sorta having a go at Bonnie is called Chica The Chicken but we all call her Chica for short.

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