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━ ❝ get out my head ❞

━ ❝ get out my head ❞

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EMMA STARED DOWN at the map, clutching it in her hands tightly like she expected it to magically work. She was trying to do what Pan told her to do but it just didn't make sense. Who was she really? What was she denying? No matter how long she thought about it, an answer never appeared. With each passing moment, she just got more annoyed. How could Pan not leave a hint? But Hook was right, Pan is playing a game. And they were going along with it because they had no other options.

No one said anything, but Arabella had been acting odd since her return. She was pacing one minute and then sitting and staring off into space the next. It didn't take much to realize that she was on edge. Regina thought for a moment that something happened between the two. In fact, she still thought that but didn't say anything to avoid making the girl upset. Because clearly, something was bothering her.

"My name is Emma Swan."

Arabella looked up from where she was sitting with a weary look. "Pan's riddle isn't going to be that easy, Emma. If so, the map would've appeared already." She laid her head in her hands, still trying to bury any thought of Pan she had. He probably knew too and was most likely smug about it. 

"Don't hold anything back," Mary Margaret told her daughter. Everyone was watching. They all expected for the big reveal of when the map appeared. Nothing happened and it remained blank. Hook had dealt with the immortal boy for centuries. So he knew what they were feeling, staying the most calm out of all of them. Everyone else was just extremely annoyed.

Emma nodded, looking back at the map. "I'm Henry's mother. I used to live in Boston, and I was a bail bonds person. I'm now the sheriff of Storybrooke."

Regina scoffed, throwing her hand up and letting it hit her leg. She was by far the most agitated out of them all. Apparently, she still thought that using magic was an option. "That election was a sham. Are we really doing this?"

They all acknowledged her yet no one replied to it. Arabella turned back to Emma, smiling softly and providing a motivating look through he tired eyes. She was already exhausted and she knew the rest of them were too. Getting sleep in a time like this proved to more difficult than they initially thought. Then again, Henry's life could possibly be at risk because none of them knew what Pan wanted with him. "Don't you think maybe you're leaving some things out?" Arabella questioned.

She made a face in reply, sighing. "I'm the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, which apparently makes me the product of true love. I was born in the Enchanted Forest and I was sent through a portal in a tree so that I could break a curse."

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