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Ch.23 Shifteh's family

I opened my eye's as I say up groggily.

"Morning sweetie! I washed and dried your clothes as fast as I could. So here ya go! Luckily we have extra tooth brushes since, Shifteh loses her's a lot so here's one for you. Once your done just come on down stairs and eat breakfast, then you and Shifteh can walk over to school." Martha said cheerfully as she walked out.

It was...weird. A good kind of weird, but also kind of bad. Why is she worrying about me? It was weird having someone wake me up to get ready for school.

I quickly got dressed and brushed my teeth making my way to the kitchen, I felt akward the moment I got here.

Sitting at the table was Shifteh, Baby Grace, a human, and a teen Hawk that was on his phone.

There was two empty seat left.

"Come on. The only one that'll bite here is Castiel." Martha said.

I glanced over at the hawk like teen.

He had gold peircing eyes with a sharp hawk like beak. He was covered in black and real feathers and wore all red and black, he has many belts buckles and chains in his outfit with black studded boots, with matching gloves.

I looked towards the others.

The human guy has silver white hair but had tan skin, he has layered bangs and the rest of his shoulder length hair is tied back into a pony tail. He wore a white dress shirt and a green hooded jacket, he wore blue jeans and green sneakers. What threw me off was his skin tone and eyes, they seemed familiar yet I know I've never met him before.

Baby Grace had a small yellow bow on her head next to her left ear, she wore a white shirt sleeves dress shirt and a small yellow skirt with white flats.

Shifteh wore a pink cat themed dress, and wore black stockings with pink small heeled boots. She had a black gloves with a pink ribbon, and had a black head band holding her lose hair back.

Martha was dressed like a office lady. She had a white dress shirt with a purple coat, she had a matching skirt, and black heels. She had a suitcase with something in it but I didn't know what.

"Well now that your all ready I'll be on my way. One of you walk Baby Grace to her school, behave, and most of all stay safe. Bye, love you." Martha said quickly walking out the door.

"...So you have to be Fresh." The human said as he turned to me with a kind smile.

"Uh, y-yes. It good to meet you...uh..." I trailed off when he laughed a little.

"Oh, right. My name's Vaan, sorry I guess I forgot how to properly introduce myself." He said shrugging.

"You forget lots of things, Idiot." Castiel mumbled as Vaan frowned.

"All of us except Baby Grace is adopted. Vaan is the respectful, clusmy one. Castiel is the rudely honest rebel. Baby Grace is obviously the innocent one and-"

"And your the two faced girly girl." Castor mumbled again earning a glare from the girl he cut off.

"No, I'm just the girly girl who loves tennis." She glared harder at him as Vaan sighed.

"Can we not do this now and just go to school, honestly. You two are always constantly stabbing each other's necks." He said as they huffed but stopped arguing regardless.

I felt my phone ring in my pocket suddenly as the song 'In the end' by Black Veil Brides played out loud.

"Uh...sorry." I said as I answered it.

"Hey my radical brother from another mother, since you answered it appears your not dead. So good, cause your not allowed to die especially since my ship hasn't set sailed yet!" Amber chimes on the phone as I laugh a little.

"What ship?" I asked but blushed as I remember her saying she shipped me with PJ.

"Oooh! I'm sure you know what ship I'm talking about bro! Now DON'T you DARE make my ship sink into the ocean floor like spongebob did in that episode with the hooks!" She stated demandingly.

"Any way, where are you? I can't find my way to school with out you skele-bro." She said.

I told her I would be getting to her in a little mostly likely with some company too.

"Kk, I'll wait then. Just don't leave me hanging forever okay? I can't wait to see if I share any classes with ya!" She said mumbling something else under her breathe.

"What was that?" I asked confused.

"Oh I said I can't wait to see if you share any classes with your boyfriend too!" She giggled as I couldn't fight back the blush.

"AMBER!?" I helped blushing bright blue as I heard her giggle evily hanging up after.

I sat in silence as I felt all eyes on me.

I just now remember I was at a table surrounded by others, blushing like the idiot I am.

"...Who's Amber?" Shifteh asked.

"'ll see. I have to show her to school anyway." I said as Vaan clapped his hands.

"Really!? That's great!" Vaan said.

"Bright and cheerful here loves making friends. Honestly Vaan, I think your going to be a playboy some day with how much a ladies man you are." Castiel sighed as Vaan glared but blushed regardless.

"I'm not like that, and never will be." He said pouting.

"That's what they all say..." The hawk like teen mumbled as the human sighed dropping his glare.

"Meanie." Baby Grace said taking another sip of her chocolate milk. I couldn't help but laugh at her cuteness, and at the sight of Castiel looking towards the mouse with clashing feelings in side.

"Well we should get going." Shifteh said once we were all done.

We got our things and left. Castiel left with Baby Grace taking her to the elementary school. Vaan decided to join me and Shifteh to walk.

On the other side of theroad on the side walk stood my red headed best friend with a goofy grin on her face, I gave her a confused glance as she lifted her phone pressing something.

"Hello from the other siiiiiiiiide!"

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