Chapter 2 Meetings, Mergers and Monotony

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Chapter 2

Nicolas Salazar

Sitting in a business meeting, my step-brother (though I consider him just my brother), best friend and right hand man Ajax sitting next to me, I had tuned out long ago, having lost interest in the monotone droning of the current manager who was giving his update of the quarterly financials for one of my several corporations.  I owned a large conglomerate of businesses and other ventures.  Ajax took care of most of my day to day operations now, and I oversaw the big picture.  We had three headquarters; LA, New York and Miami.  I was currently in LA staying on my yacht which was docked in Santa Monica.

I was an entrepreneur.  I had dozens of enterprises, some legal and upstanding, some not so much.  I had worked my ass off since I was barely 20 building my empire, expanding it from the much smaller empire my father had started and passed on to me at his untimely death.  Luckily I had been training with him for as long as I could remember, I was a gifted student and finished High School at age 16 and enrolled immediately into University studying Business and Economics.  I had an MBA which I finished by 22.  You could say I was driven.

I got where I was because I pushed myself relentlessly.  I was ruthless and controlling and expected the highest of standards from my employees.  If you performed well, you were rewarded.  It was simple as that.  Not everyone loved or even liked me, but I knew they respected me and that was enough.

I was a billionaire by the time I was 26 and in the last two years have started to step back a bit from operations.  In some ways I'd had enough.  It was getting boring and I needed something else to focus on.  Or maybe I needed nothing to focus on and just to live my life.  I don't know, I felt like I was at a crossroads in some ways, but that was okay.  Ajax was looking after my holdings and thrived in the environment.  I enjoyed passing the reins on to him and watching him take the lead.

Ajax was an important part of my life, I depended on him.  We grew up together since we were five when he and his mother Lucy came to live at our home so she could run the house for my mother; she was in charge of the household and kitchen staff.  When I was eight my mother died in very tragic circumstances and my father depended on Lucy in many ways and they soon became husband and wife.  My father had always treated Ajax like another son and he and I had become inseparable as we navigated together through an unorthodox childhood.

How unorthodox?  My father was a Dominant.  Known in the BDSM world as a Dom.  My mother was his longtime submissive.  My father was American and my mother from Cuba.  They had met in quite interesting circumstances.  My father owned an island near the Bahamas, the home where I grew up and still spend much of my time.  

My father had been in Miami and his yacht was headed back to the island home when it came up on a fishing boat that was nearly completely sunk.  The only survivor was my mother, the boat had been filled with Cuban refugees trying to get to the United States for a better life.  My father scooped the beautiful, young Cuban girl out of the water and took her home with him.  I'm not sure of the exact circumstances, but she stayed and became my father's sub.  I was born several years later and treated like a Prince on the island.

You may think it was strange growing up the child of a Dom/sub relationship, but that was all I knew, so it was normal to me.  They did love each other and I believe that my mother was happy though I was young when she passed away.  Lucy also became his sub as well as wife, so it all seemed rather natural to both Ajax and I.

You might think that I would be jealous of a new boy in the family, but I wasn't.  I was lonely for companionship my own age as I wasn't allowed to play with the children in the island Village and there were no other children on the mansion grounds.  I didn't understand then, why my father was so disconnected with people, but as I get older I find myself craving privacy and I recognize why he was the way he was.

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