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(^A/N: And so it begins. Hope you give it a chance and read.)

"So what? We spend the day together, drinking coffee, riding your motorcycle, eating on the beach in Malibu, and then bam we're friends? Is it really that easy?" I ask him in a slight state of shock. 

It really can't be that easy right? Especially with someone like him.

"Yeah Mia," he chuckles, stuffing his hands into his pockets with that smile of his that has had me weak in the knees a few times in the past few hours. "It's that easy."

I feel incredibly stupid and naive. As you could probably tell I'm not one for making friends easily. Come on, the fact that he virtually picked me up while I was sitting alone in the middle of the busy Venice Beach coffee shop should tell you enough about me. I don't make friends easily and that's okay, I have a few good one's and that's all I need.

Content, that's all I have really strived to be in the last few years on my own.

But then this dashing British boy bander turned solo artist and actor has changed all of that.

"I'm sorry Harry, I'm not used to just making friends like that." Feeling even more silly that something that should be simple and natural for people just isn't for me.

He smiles down at me warming my heart in an instant. "Don't worry, I'll walk you through it."

And with that he winks at me before placing his hand on my lower back and leading me to the door. 


A/N: And another story begins. I am really excited to be writing a brand new story!! Hope you give it a shot. In very 'me' fashion it will be full of drama and romance. 

It's short but there is a lot to come with this story. 


All the love, C. 

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