Chapter 16

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(One week later( Riles have you told farkle yet. No im scared what if he doesn't stay. Well if he don't stay then I will help u I decided to keep my baby. Really about time did u find out who is the father. Um no but i think I'm close. Who was the last boy over your house that night. I don't know oh my gosh. Who is it tell me. I think it may have been josh. What when and how what happened. Well he came over because he was sad and he wanted to talk so he had some beer and drank some and gave it to me and I drank some. Oh my gosh really maya u had to drink it. Ok well at least I didn't plan to have sex with my secret boyfriend. Well you did get me on that well at least I didn't drink beer that I know that won't make me drunk. Ok I wasn't thinking we both messed up at the Same time. Yea ur right so when are u going to tell josh. Girl I have to see if he is the baby daddy first. Oh right I knew that. Yea sure u did. Hey baby. Hey farkle. I'm having a sleepover at my house and the guys are coming y'all wanna come over. Ugh i can't I have plans. Oh really what kind of plans maya please come. Ugh fine only if riles is coming. Yea I'm coming wait is smackle coming. Oh yea I to tell u yea she is coming over. Oh great well at least I can hang out with one of the boys. Oh riles don't take it that way I had to. How did u have to. Well she found out and told my mom. Oh great so your mom know y'all dating. Are u mad at me u don't have to come. No and trust me I will come. Ok bye talk to u later. So your going to pretend that ur ok. No I'm going to show out to make him want me. Well I should have thought of that ur cute and sweet. Aww thanks ur cute and tough. U so know me better then farkle. I mean he has changed a lot he not the farkle that I know. I know people change he show ain't sweet nor kind. Oh u got that right. (At farkle's house(  Hey huckleberry. Hey maya how u doing. Oh I doing great. So maya did u find out who is the father yet. Yea riles it's josh. Oh my god my uncle has a child. When are u going to tell him. I don't know what's he number. I got u sometimes on Friday he fills very flirty so u can call him up and talk to him. What if he doesn't want to stay nor help me hope are for suckers. Peaches don't say that. Fine at but I still need his number. Oh yea thanks for reminding me. Well well well look who it is the queen of slut town. Ugh I see you haven't changed don't forget that me and riles beat your ass. Yea what ever shut up. Dude really u should have never invite them here now they going to be argueimg all night. Shut it Lucas. I'm just saying man this was a bad idea right zay. Yea Lucas is right but it's funny at the same time. Would y'all shut up please. Damn Riley u got those hormones early then I thought. So what is tag is that supposed to mean huh. Riles calm down they are boys that don't have girlfriends. Hey I have a girlfriend don't forget that. Oh well huckleberry shouldn't be talking small balls. Ok to much information right there. Great so u want to tell my Business to our friends. Wait so it's true. I didn't tell them u did. Wow Lucas u probably can't even get a girl pregnant. Haha the Joke is on you. Ok can we please change the subject. Damn Riley is not playing with those hormones. Ok shut up before I cut ur balls off. Ok find do u need a pill. Dose it look like I need a pill.....................  TO BE CONTINUED

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