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Hai guys and girls, if you guys have read my story the elite and this one. I would like your help. As you know becoming beautiful is coming to a close end with it being on chapter 33 and I would like your Input as to what you want the ending to be, how u want it to play out, what you want to see in the last few chapters.  Also as for the elite I would l like to see the same, I would like to see your input as to what u want to see happen. If need to read the Elite check out my profile. Also when you come up with ideas post them here or pm them to me via wattpad or discord. The link to my discord is in conversations under my account. Looking forward to seeing your input.  Also if u have any contest ideas feel free to post them here or again pm them to me via discord, or wattpad. Also join my discord server. Thank you and have a good day my amazing gorgeous angels!!!!

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