Chapter 22 ~ Teases and Tickles

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Chapter 22 ~ Teases and Tickles

Aiden's POV

As I was explaining everything to Jade's parents, I noticed that Jade began to sway a little as her eyes were getting droopy. Worrying about her I asked," Jade are you ok?" She nodded lightly as she began to crumble to the ground. I quickly reacted and caught her in my arms before she could hit the ground. Her parents alongside Jake came running towards her. " Dear is my baby ok?" asked her mother frantically. " Yeah she's been doing this lately. I'll just go lay her down in her room." I answered her mother as I picked Jade up in my arms." I'll show you the way." replied Jake. I nodded as we went up the steps. Why the hell does there have to be so many steps? The way there was quiet but it gave me time to look around. The place was absolutely beautiful. It had a spiraling staircase that led to the top floor. There was a huge chandelier in the middle of the entryway that glistened and sparkled when you looked at it.

Passing by many hallways I looked at pictures of their ancestors. One that really caught my eye was one with a pure white wolf and a dark black wolf, that had a certain glow to them. It felt as if you could feel their power radiating off of them. You see pure white wolves and dark black wolves were the rarest and the most powerful of all time. It was always one mate or the other that had one of those colors. I am a dark black wolf. I don't know about Jade. She's probably a chocolate brown color like her eyes.

(A/N When I say dark black wolf I mean as in mysterious and dangerous ^-^)

We suddenly stopped at a door. Jake twisted the knob and went inside. I followed him and then laid Jade on her silky bed. I took a good look around. It was an elegant bedroom but you could tell it was a teenagers I looked over at Jake,"I'll just stay here until she wakes up." Jake nodded," Is she mad at me?" He asked. I looked over at him and snorted sarcastically," I don't know I mean she just got out of a fucking coma comes home and then finds out her bully is her brother's mate, and that her brother is against her. I don't fucking think she is." His face had a mixture of shock and guilt. He stormed out of the room either pissed at me or pissed at himself.

Looking back over at Jade she was soundly sleeping. Seeing her like this brought bad memories from the hospital. I shuddered at the thought of seeing her not wake up ever again. I grabbed her bean bag chair and placed it on the edge of her bed. I held her hand as I fell asleep on it.

Jade's POV

I woke up breathing heavily and panting. Sweat was trickling down my face. I quickly wiped the sweat off as a ton of questions were forming in my head. When will the Great War come? Was I really talking to the moon goddess? How does my wolf look like? When is she coming back? But one question stood out the most. When will my memories come back? I sighed and decided to go take a shower. I haven't showered in days and I smell like a pig.

As I got up I looked over to my left finally realizing that I was not alone. It was Aiden. Every time I looked at him I was captured by his looks. He was beautiful. Every time I talked to him I could feel butterflies erupting from my stomach and shivers running down my spine. But I couldn't get a hint of anger and sadness that gnawed at the back of my head every time I thought about him, or even said his name. But I didn't know why.

Looking back at him I noticed how his black hair feel right to the front of his eyes and how he looked so angelic. Looking down at his perfect shaped nose and his pink lips that had drool on the corner of them. His lips looked soft and he had a small smirk lingering on the corner of his mouth. Wait a smirk? He's awake! He just caught me staring at him!

"I know you're awake and staring at me." I told him. His eyes fluttered open and his smirk got bigger," Are you sure I was doing the staring babe?" I blushed as I felt butterflies in my stomach when he called me babe," I wasn't staring at you." I declared.

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