Chapter 5

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Oliver's pov

I get out of the shower and grab a towel and wrap it around my waist I want to go apologize to Luke.  I stepped out of my bedroom I'm dripping water on the floor but I do not care about it i have to go talk to Luke.  I start walking down the stairs I get to the kitchen where I last saw him and he was not there.  So I want to living room and I did not see him where is he maybe he's in the other bathroom upstairs.  So I walk up and he was not in there where the fuck is he I walk to my room I notice that his stuff was gone I grab my phone to text him.

Oliver: Where the fuck did you go!

He did not texted me back what fuck I yell I look at the time I have to go to school.  I get in to my car I keep texting him but he's not texting back.

Oliver: Baby please text me back.

Oliver: Hello text me back.

Oliver: Please just tell me that you are ok.

Oliver: What the fuck you little shit I'm going to get you for making me worry.

Fuck it I throw my phone on my passenger side seat I drive to school there is no sign of him at school I'm worried about him.  So I keep texting him but he his not texting me back so I know that I should give him some space but I cannot this time.  Because I'm scared that he will leave me I love him so much I don't want him to leave me so I'm going to go to his house after football practice.  But I keep texting me it is Thread   Pernod so I have time to think how to apologize to him.

Luke's pov

I'm Laying down on my bed trying to get some sleep but he will not stop texting me.  I mean like every minute he Texas me I need to tell him to stop so I grab my phone and text him back.

Oliver: hey baby please text me back I'm going to come over after practice ok.

Luke: Oliver please leave me alone STOP TEXTING ME and no you're not coming over tonight we are not dating so please just move on go find someone else goodbye Oliver.

Oliver: no no no please I'm so so sorry L please do not leave me.  I will take classes for my anger please can we just talk please babe please I love you so so much please.

I look at the text message he sent me and I can not believe that he call me L ( L is the nickname that Oliver  give Luke ) he has not done in a long time I know that he's being serious. Now should  give him a chance he said that he will take anger classes maybe he will change.  I think I'm just going to give him one more chance but one sight of him acting like this again I'm definitely done.

luck: ok we can talk.

Oliver: thank you thank you can I come over tonight?

Luke: will I do not think that is a good idea.

Oliver: I promise I won't do anything I just want to talk to you.

Luke: ok put if I tell you to leave you leave and tell me when you are leaving practice.

Oliver: ok thank you so much baby for giving a Second chance.

Oliver's pov

I'm so happy he is letting me go over tonight I can not follow what the teacher is saying because I'm thinking of him.  And what I did yesterday I never got that mad before I cannot Control my anger. I know that I should not bully him and let others but I'm so scared to let others know that we are dating.  We have been daring for four years he really is my love of my life and I can not lose him.  I can remember that first time I saw him I can remember what he was wearing I hear the bell ring I get up and walk to the locker room I cannot wait to see him.

I hope you like this chapter the next one will be out tomorrow

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