Chapter 4: Who does he think he is?

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I walked out of the weight room, and outside into the freshly cut grass of the courtyard. Students were shuffling about to their next classes. You could totally tell which kids were freshman, running around like chickens with their heads cut off and tripping over one another because their faces were buried in their schedules and maps. I was headed to the last class of my day, Welding 1. English 3 was super easy, I knew I could sleep in that class when needed. Lord knows I will definitely need it. And Advanced Weights was gonna be fun, the coach was cool too.

Soon I had made it into the hallway of the Electives Building. Welding class of course was near the back the of the building. Even in Tennessee, back home, not many people liked it. I mean even I was the only girl in the class. I on the other hand, loved it to death. Getting to freely bend metal and weld it into anything you wanted was something that I took too. Hell I enjoy it as much as riding. Okay, maybe not that much, ain't nothin' can top the feeling of riding the bare back of your horse, through the tall grass covered mountain in the middle of a hot summer day.

As I saw the door at the end of the hallway with a few students scrambling about to get to their classes.

I read the sign next to the dark brown door; it read Room 314 Welding 1 & 2/3. I clapped my hands together and took a deep breathe. This is gonna be so much fun, I thought to myself and a happy smile appeared on my face.

I turned the door knob and walked into a normal looking classroom, with metal cutouts on the wall and small metal figures, obviously done by students. Looking further I saw an open door at the corner of the classroom, revealing the shop that we would be working it.

Most students were sitting down, some on top of desks chatting with their partner. That's when I noticed it was all boys, except one girl who was propped against a desk in the front of the class. She looked around the same age as me and was flirting with a boy across from her.

"Typical," I breathed. You know what, I'm just gonna go up and introduce myself to her. I need to make friends anyways, I cocked my head as I thought.

Somehow my legs underneath me moved forward and I was walking to the girl at the front.

She fluffed her curly, jet black hair and looked over in my direction and smiled brightly, "Sweet baby jesus, boys we've finally got another girl!" She hopped off the desk as everyone looked directly at me.

Suddenly my whole body screamed, OH NO NO NOOO, THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT BY NEW FRIENDS NUHH UHHH. Shit, what have I done, the last thing I wanted was to be the center of everyone's attention... just play it cool, you got this Arizona.

I flashed my pearly whites at all the boys staring, "Haha, happy to know that I'm not the only girl here!"

"Me too! You can call me Codi," She said with a light country accent. She walked closer and stuck out her hand, her wrist had on a wrapped piece of leather with a cross on it. I also noticed that her nails had dirt underneath them, and her hand was stained with dirt dust. NO WAY, my insides started doing flips. I had that same bracelet and any girl that had dirt on her hands were just like me. I already like her.

"Arizona, but you can call me Ari," I shook her hand and looked her up and down, while she did the same.

Codi was around the same height as me, maybe an inch taller and her short hair complimented her spunky attitude and hazel eyes. She had on bootcut jeans paired with grey Sperrys. Codi wore a low cut grey shirt that hung perfectly to show off a bit of cleavage. No wonder she had all the guys fawning over her.

"Wow girl, look at you, yah even got a hot name." She winked jokingly and threw her hands out in front of her to motion to my body.

"Oh stop Codi, I mean look at you. You're a doll," I laughed punching her shoulder. I could totally tell me and her are going to get along like a pig in mud.

I looked around to see everyone had gone back to doing their own thing and saw Bronson and Dario walk in behind us.

Wait, I did a double take. No way, did I just get lucky and have these two in another one of my classes.

Dario winked at me as he walked past, to Codi and slung his arm around her. Codi giggled and looked up at him, starting a conversation. Well so much for that. Ugh I can't believe I thought he might've been the right man for me, I thought and turned my head in embarrassment.

I walked to the back of the class where Bronson was. He grinned sweetly, "Well, I must be one lucky man to have you in another one of my classes."

"Well it seems like you are," I smiled genuinely happy to talk to a normal, sweet guy.

"You know I didn't peg you for the welding type," He sat up on the desk in front of me, his back facing the rest of the class. His legs slightly spread in comfortableness. Even sitting down Bronson was still taller than me. I mean then again, I was only 5'3".

"Oh and why is that," I raised and eyebrow and took a step closer, curious to here his reasoning.

"Mmm, I don't know. Maybe because of this outfit you're pulling off. And the fact that you're way too gorgeous to be in a class full of jerks." He pointed behind him and gave a half smirk.

Did he actually just call me gorgeous?! And what the hell does he mean by my outfit? I could feel my cheeks heating up from the compliment and the fact that he thought he could single me out. He just poked the wrong bull.

I leaned forward and decided to stick it to him, "First off, I don't think it matters what a person's wearing, you can't just jump the gun and go about making presumptions-"

I took a step closer. Who did he think he was? I don't care how cute he was, even when he did that half smirk, and had sparkling blue eyes that could make me melt. I was inching more towards him.

"Secondly, I can take care of myself. Just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean I can't handle a little heat from the jerks in here."

I stepped in between his legs, getting the closest I could. His eyes light up widly with excitement like an untamed mustang. Was he actually enjoying this? Time to turn it up a notch.

Looking straight into his deep blue eyes I lowered my voice seductively and slowly placed my hands on his muscular thighs, "And lastly, you don't know a single thing about me, handsome."


PHEW. It's gettin hot in here ladies 😏 Arizona and Bronson are a little heated.

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