Chapter 4

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Luke's pov

I wake up in a bad feeling something heavy on my back I looked and it was Oliver he look so beautiful when he sleeps. I remember what happen last night I look over to the bedside table were at a clock and it said 2:20am. I look back down at him he was a dead of sleep this is my chance to leave because when he wake up tomorrow morning I don't know what he's going to say or do to me. I set up a little bit moving his hand from my waist looking at the clothes I was wearing they are not mine it was his. He must've change me last night? I move the blankets off of me trying to be as quiet as possible and move slow so he doesn't notice.  I finally go to get up when I feel something pull on  my shirt " Hey baby don't leave me please just sleep in my bad tonight with me please." "I-I" "please baby I will Make you breakfast tomorrow morning and take you to school I promise." I look down at him not knowing what to say cause I know if I say something wrong is going to get mad at me so i just say. "O-Ok" he smiled at me as I lay down he put his arms around me and pulled me close to him and whispers in my ear." I'm so so sorry baby I did mean to get so mad at you please don't leave me I love you so much"

he kisses me on the cheek and lays his head on the pillow. I sit there with my eyes open with the pain of my back is too much for me right now I can't sleep. I know I'm not going to school tomorrow I stayed up thinking about what happened last night can't believe what he did he's always got mad and hit me but nothing like. T-that was really bad I finally feel my eyes getting heavy and tired I finally close my eyes and I going to a deep sleep. I wake up with the smell of bacon my body hurts so much I try to get out of bed but I fall back onto the bed i sit there for at least couple minutes and try again and I finally can stand. I walk slowly down the stairs to the kitchen where I see him in his boxers . I look at him as he was making breakfast for us I stepped and it made a noise then he looked back quickly. " Oh hey baby I'm almost done with breakfast" he smiled at me and turns back to The oven I walk over to the kitchen table and sit. I watched him as he was making breakfast he seem so happy not the person that I saw last night. He stopped cooking and grab two plates and puts the eggs and bacon on them he walks over to where I was sitting puts one in front of me and sits right next to me we start eating we ate in silence I don't know what to say what do you say in the situation.

Oliver's pov

He looks so terrified of me every time I move he jumps like I was going to hit him or something and honestly makes me mad I'm not going to hit him if doesn't do anything wrong. I get annoyed I sat there eating when I notice  he stopped eating Seeing that it is making me more mad I hit the table he jumps he looks at me he look so terrified. " Why aren't you eating" he just sits there looking at me I stand and yelled "well I asked you a goddamn question I make you all this and you're not even going to eat it." I slapped him in the face he falls to the floor he started to cry I hate when he cries makes me even more mad.

Luke's pov

He stood next to me yelling in my face all I feel is the tears coming down my face the pain of my back is so bad. Now my face hurts too I know it's gonna be a bruise other one just started to go away . I must've not looking like I was listening he pulls my shirt makes my whole body moves makes my face so close to his. " Are you listening you little shit." " y-yes I'm listening I'm so sorry Oliver please stop" he throws me back to the ground and said " I have to go take a shower before school clean yourself up."

He walks away I sit there and cry the pain so bad I can't do this anymore never going to see this house again and I hope to God I never see him again. I stand up and walk up the stairs he still is in the shower I take the clothes off that I was wearing putting mine back on. I put my glasses on I grab my phone and my backpack and I walked out of the room and down the stairs. I open the front door quietly shut it so he cannot hear It my house is only like five minutes away I start to  walking home. Happy that I'm out of the house happy to be away from him but sad at the same time I'm losing my love of my life. I wish things can go back to the way they were but I think of it they were really weren't good to begin with the only good memories I have was when he felt really bad about what he did to me and  that was it I wish I can get back the years I stayed with him I wish I never met him.

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