Chapter 2

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Zoey's P.O.V.

I worked onto Bumblebee’s arm for a few more hours. It was at least 9 o'clock when I finished.

“Done! Try that out.” I told him with a yawn

I watched as 'Bee sat up and then tested out his arm.

::Much, much better. Thanks Zoe!:: He said to me as he looked at me

I grinned at him when I glanced at the clock again. It was about 9:05 at night. I glanced up at the sky light on the ceiling of the barn and saw it was growing dark quickly.

“'Bee, I'm going to grab some of my things and then come back here, alright?” I said to him kindly

‘Bee looked at me with his ey-optics full of worry.

::No, don't go back to that place.:: He replied to me with a slight shake of his helm.

“But I gotta otherwise you know who might come out and check this place. Though that's doubtful, it still might happen.” I explained to him

I watched as 'Bee looked like it was thinking things over.

:: Alright, just be careful..:: He warned me

“Always!” I chirped to him and I heard him grin.

I then climbed back onto my ATV and started it up. Bumblebee helped me out and opened the door for me. I waved at him and he waved back before pushing the door shut to conceal himself. I drove back to the house. I loved the feel of the wind blowing through my hair. It was rather cool and breezy tonight.
I noticed as I neared the house, I saw a rusty​, old grey Toyota and an old, blue Ford parked at the bottom of the drive way. I groaned as I parked several feet away from the driveway.

That must mean a couple of his buddy's were over for a  game or something. I hopped out and cautiously walked in. I heard the calls and plays coming off the TV.

Looked like tonight was a football game.

I headed pass the living room and saw him and two of his buddies, Tom and Drew, who were both slightly idiotic.
I don't even wanna describe the other two for the pure fact that they are friends with him.

He saw me walk pass and put on his sicking sweet facade.

“Hey there baby girl.” He cooed at me

I hide my wince, for the pure fact of possibly getting in loads of trouble since his two cronies had no idea what he does to me. Knowing them, they just think I'm a troublemaker child with zero respect. I internally took a deep breath before I spoke.

“Hey Dad. It's fine if I go sleep in that old barn tonight right?” I asked him

Whether he says yes or not, I'm still going. I told 'Bee I'd come back and I'm gonna make sure I do just that.

“Sure sweetie, I don't see why not.” He replied with a shrug before turning back to the game

I held back my eye roll and just simply spoke again.

“Alright then.”

I went up to my room and grabbed a bunch of my stuff. I pulled out my grey backpack and tossed in a pair of fuzzy, yellow PJ pants and a indigo pj shirt. I also threw in my old blanket and my stuffed tiger. I nicknamed him Stripes. I've had for as long as I could remember. After packing up, I zipped up my bag and headed back downstairs.

I was about to head off until Drew then spoke and I internally groaned.

“Hey, could you get the three of us a couple of more drinks?”

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