Ending 1

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I was bounding Matthew on my knee while watching Tommy and the other playing a game of football when this cute guy came to sit down next to me. He had a beautiful baby girl.

“Is this seat taken?”

“No.” I scooted over so he had room. 

“Thanks. Oh by the way my name is Jared and this is Kendra.”

“Hi.” I brought my finger up to Kendra. She grabbed it and started shaking it up and down. She scream one of those happy scream baby do. Jared and I laughed.

“It’s nice to meet you too. This little man here is Matthew and my name is Abby.” Kendra let go of my hand and tried to reach out for Matthew but Matthew seem like he didn’t want her.

“So how old is Kendra?”

“She’s just turned 5 months.”

“Really? Matthew is almost 5 months too.”

“So is Matthew your baby brother?” he sounded nervous.

“No. He’s my son and before you think. I’m not one of those girls who sleeps around. I fell for this guy. We end up doing it ,with protection! But as you can see it didn’t work.”

“I get. The something happen except the girl I was with didn’t want Kendra and left her with me.” he looked so sad. I automatically reached out and grabbed his hand.

“Me too. Matthew father doesn’t want to be apart of his life and that’s his choice.” he gave my hand a little squeeze.

“I guess we’re on the same ship.”

“Ya I guess so. Do you go to chamber high school?” I smiled.

“No I go to Price high school. My Aunt owns a day care so she watches her while I go to school. What about you?”

“I graduated a year early and I was going to Yale but I decided to take a year off.”

“Yale that’s impressive.”

“Thanks.” we spent about forty-five minutes taking. We had a lot in common like his favorite movie is Inception, his favorite meal is mexican enchilada pie, he likes to read. We were interrupted by Tommy and some of the guys.

“Is this the guy?” Jeff asked. I couldn’t help but giggle.

“No.” I turned to Jared.

“Jared this is some of my support group.” Tommy took Matthew from me.

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